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Winter muscles

Fitness special issue2010-03-25 09:11:23 +0000 #1
16-year-old half-183cm 66kg likes basketball

one month during the winter vacation was trained Zhuang would like to point example: arm can be rough circle, arm abdominal chest, etc.

at home with a pair of 10kg dumbbells

and to increase or decrease the weight of winter could be napping during the period

consult an experienced fitness coaches this month's daily planning and diet, daily routine in order to achieve this month, the purpose of efficient muscle by

The more detailed the better, I am grateful

copy of the will not have to, and this month for me is very important, thank you
tczj1990762010-03-25 09:26:48 +0000 #2
Now is the best time to increase the dimension

However, there is a problem, you want to increase the circle, it is unlikely, because you are thinner, or it can be said , you too skinny, you only 132 pounds

I practiced 3 months bodybuilding, weight from 130 in 150, I am tall and 1 meter 72,

you want to increase the circle is not impossible, first of all you have to do one day eat six tons, Shaochiduocan, eat protein-rich foods

Second, 10KG dumbbell variable possible for you

every movement, do you want to practice 8-12 times

2, you can try, dumbbell alternate curl, squat curl, this two movements had enough

3, can not say that you look online, because I forgot the specific name of the

chest, then dumbbells are too light, and practice of the United States and what effect

But first, The problem is, you have fat, or you do not practice out of muscle, you are too skinny!
Wood small purple2010-03-25 09:23:44 +0000 #3
eat protein. .
w5770552010-03-25 09:40:33 +0000 #4
problem is to look at the direction of your walk, such as how you like the technology is suitable for playing what position, then the major developments that aspect of the physical conditions and look at the height of your age, I think your height is also a long to almost 2M, if the main power forward, if it catches a jumping ability more, if the main training center, then it would put the body as a whole practice strong points - can be anti-like



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