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Calf muscles need time to sharpen up a few days?

gyrytu2010-03-25 21:11:11 +0000 #1
Take a few days time to sharpen up calf muscles? I 1,3, and 4 weeks of practicing every day in school track and field, time is 4pm-6pm, but three weeks is exception to this, from 2.50pm-4.20pm-
There are sandbags on the calf muscles help? sandbag will have side effects? If tied to sandbags, then a few days in order to sharpen the muscles need to use ah? I am 13 years old
ghghgh75002010-03-25 21:24:39 +0000 #2
sandbag help right calf muscle, side effects that would be deformed calf muscles to the muscles alone, then best to do weight-bearing squat, 200 a day a week you can see the results come, my own that is done, and works well.

I am a practicing 400 meters, and squat on the explosive helpful.

Sandbags can be trained physically, but it should pay attention to a gradual, it will be very easy to strain muscles, as muscle deformation do, you little, I believe you now can not make training volume also went to the extent of muscle deformation.
wu900w2010-03-25 21:54:14 +0000 #3
30t, sandbags have side effects 13 years old.



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