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Hip-Hop Exercise Windmill

hdjacom20062010-03-25 23:11:01 +0000 #1
I need a training effort approach, as well as pull ligaments means aircraft can take off, that is, switching the time or not on, thanks to help ah, there is no use, then please do not speak
xiaojin08982010-03-25 23:19:34 +0000 #2
strength Lianfa?

Windmills generally do not have you how much strength, as long as you can inverted roof stability in that about 10 seconds! Almost!

As for the ligaments are many different kinds of

I said 啦 place not the same as

啦 legs and large, you can ask us to help can also be its own pressure, but their pressure is slower!

Someone around to help, then on a little faster, Rafah is that you long to open his legs straight waist and legs to Bengzhi oh, and then your friends with their feet stuck to your legs and then he took your hand and then next 啦 (because Your friend's card is this your leg when he was next 啦 your legs will stretch out to the two sides) a friend's stuck in your back of your waist as is to you, to straighten the waist and then down the pressure! Pulled you feel pain when the Yala not drive stopped! 20 seconds, and then your friends can flash you do on a fixed, as in about 15 minutes, pull end back to a time when so cool to Hei hei! Oh, do not deceive you, always stick to your chest can be stuck on the ground is almost time for your legs is already an open soon finished what we said, almost word for word the largest leg of the eight-character!

Before me why I told you to Bengzhi leg of the pressure, this was beneficial to you in the future practice another stroke when the habit would bar legs to the Bengzhi practicing other little when you start practicing Thomas when you you know!

Windmill next lap and I have you say the next bar

In fact, windmills next circle is very simple, in regard to the novice start for instance! General novice started are airplane stays, (and left to fight is the right hand stays) must fight often, legs open and then his right leg slightly lifted me (and do not carry too much) and then immediately sweep leg at this time your hands should be subsequent push what almost could be considered a moment to complete the bar! When you sweep the right leg is gone when you go to the front of the chest can be a time when these ceilings do not stop your right leg and then his left hand is used to top up, if you should do so again as a good first step! The next step is then circle the focus of the kick down the lap will to start, as when you begin our next push the right leg to keep up with continued to sweep! Congratulations, you are going to do so to complete circle!
Mao egg egg2010-03-25 23:18:37 +0000 #3
I personally believe that practicing windmill 1 to be gifted two techniques Method 3 effort and I for one hour learn to actually then in the school every day, practicing the first lap a lap to go to practice Bieji Zhao to be linked up with waiting for you to switch skilled at trying to train up and switch to



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