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On the fitness of some of the problems

always Huang2010-03-26 00:11:37 +0000 #1
I am a junior high school, junior bodybuilding training, the problem is very large, please master pointing pointing. I am referring to the next, some equipment, I only pairs of dumbbells, you can adjust the weight, the weight to meet, other equipment, I have not had, after all, still a student, can not be too much.

First, on the size issue. I have slightly larger hips want to go through the exercise by the how to train?

What is the arm problems. Biceps, I do not seek much to enhance the strength, the original with a light weight to do 50 the next day, group 2 caused by three groups, half had not raised saw Baidu Wikipedia know, to use heavy weight of trying to do 5 -- 10, the rest 1 minute, making 20 groups Caixing. But I have not exhausted the 20 groups, 8 groups have been reluctant to do, then there is no effort to do any more. This is the how to do? 8 groups have done a day after the biceps soreness, is this exercise over it?

Exercise triceps, with dumbbell-elected, but I approach every time 5, so 8 groups (later found out that my limit is under 10 every time, but each group of five under the Section 8 group to do when the fifth under the is already very difficult) Baidu said the exercise to rest every 24 48 hours, but my arm the next day without any discomfort, feeling is still full of strength, unlike the practice, like biceps soreness, I take a day or the next exercise?

The other, a month's training effort in can have some progress?

On, then these issues now, thank you!

Engine x2010-03-26 00:21:40 +0000 #2
1, buttocks big problem, and the people's inherited condition is different, it was easy to accumulation of fat in the chest, it was easy to accumulate in the abdomen and some people are likely to accumulate in the hip and thigh. What do you think you have larger hips, is not part of the last case? This is only through running, playing such an aerobic exercise to burn up the fat has been changed.

2, on the strength of arm raise the issue, indeed as you say, to use the weight to do 8-12 between the two groups break for a minute. However, there is no need to do 20 Section 8 of this small muscle group is sufficient. For training triceps, you have chosen the action is to stimulate deltoid, the triceps is only an auxiliary only. A separate action to stimulate the triceps a lot, such as the dumbbell neck flexion and extension and so on.

3, although the junior high school, but it already has fitness awareness, very good. Fitness had to round, so I recommend to you two actions: arm flexion and extension parallel bars and pull-ups. Every other day, practicing a kind.

4, both fitness is necessary to persevere and in January was too short. Like the culture of learning, like knowledge, long-term adherence, in January is really very short.
875,506,7812010-03-26 00:23:16 +0000 #3
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