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How to train a sexy abs?

End_ afterimage2010-03-26 00:12:13 +0000 #1
Belly soft tatami, but the chest is almost no meat -.

There are a force on the flat stomach, only do it soft, and when the station is also a little bit, wear a vest I can not see the stomach

would like to train the abdominal muscles is also a matter of fact is to see Rain's abs so sexy, so I want practice.

PS: stress a, serious contempt for the party

I copied the score is not much

only 50

If the answer is a good can be an additional 30 minutes

I also know that muscle mass can not be quickly trained to come to tell me the best to eat those things, such as that egg protein, beef, etc., what relatively healthy protein rich foods

there is to ask what can be White?

= = Recently sought to train the muscles and whitening.

Thank you for a brother here.
42721572010-03-26 00:15:20 +0000 #2
sit, squat can exercise abdominal muscles, and actually limits the amount of challenge themselves, so that the muscles saturated.

I suggest you sit at least 30 in each group, but according to your own situation to be pulled, but be sure to do your own limits, that is, get up, when to insist on the middle and keep on doing 10. And basketball players can exercise their abdominal muscles.

No matter what methods should adhere to, if he does not advise you not to do that perseverance. Province, a waste of time -

I also exercise, the biceps, but is very evident! Abdominal only 4 = =! !

Boys whitening what's the use, you see a small white face coupled with a good-looking Muscle Mody? ? ?

I wish you success! !
(Ready to be owned by2010-03-26 00:26:28 +0000 #3
to do sit-ups
a5340251022010-03-26 00:54:58 +0000 #4
to do more sit-ups know that abdominal muscles are sore and then rest 1 minute before making a specific number according to their individual abilities of the proposed `` Good morning, or not be done before dinner and then drink the milk What to eat is not important whether the key is that you can stand the future of muscular exercise `` `加油! ! ! `---



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