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How to exercise chest muscle

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expert help
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training programs, including: bench press, inclined plate bench press, sit-birds, arms

support and sit-bent arm pull-up. Each action training five groups, each doing 6-8 times.

Special Note: when I do bench press is constantly changing hands grip, so that the pectoral muscles, the lateral access to training.

Action understanding: inclined plane bench press is a practice the upper chest. Asuka is a practicing supine lateral chest (when they move quickly to complete the medial pectoral gill

shock). Arms and training support is the lower edge of pectoral, pectoral muscle are also affected by outside stimulus. Supine bent arm pull-up is

in order to expand the thorax, but also the end of the chest muscle exercise movements.

Action essentials:

supine bent arm pull-up action is to sit stool, stool on the back paste, waist, head vacant feet touch the ground support, hands

grip dumbbell (or barbell), from the head down to go backwards, until the upper arm parallel with the ground. And then use the power of

his chest to the arms and upper body vertical pull. Repeatedly do. Note that when the arms to peg-leg exercises. Doing, may invite someone to sit

in my legs, to prevent a pulling force himself turned in the past.

Bench press is a well-developed pectoral muscles of the important action, but in practice must be attention to the elbows start at the same time strive to straighten

chest. There is a very important point, that is, to use intuition to find the most suitable for your reps. Perhaps you Danlian bench press

on the line, maybe sit down birds and cross the most for you.

Schwarzenegger's bench press in general practice five groups, each 610 times. If you participate in Powerlifting competitions, then train 812 group,
, and with a very heavy weight. Sometimes also used the principle of gradually losing weight, from the heavy weight of push, to the final only to push a

empty bar. He has since pushed more than 500 pounds (227 kilograms) of the barbell is the highest on record. Repeat the number of record is

405 lbs (184 kg), push 8. 315 lbs (143 kg) to push 25 times. 225 lbs (102 kg) to push 60 times.

Mr. Olympia contest in 1975, when Arnold's chest exercise program. Schwarzenegger's training program has a basic box

planes, on this basis, frequently changing. He likes to change the training techniques to stimulate muscle growth, prevent muscle right

after some form of training to adapt to a grinding halt. If every action training courses are changing, changing intensity, then not only have

a fresh, practice Deqi Jin, and the muscles will be growing, not stagnant. Before the game, he used Wade's double-division law training, weeks 135 to practice the morning of chest and back, the first train ramp bench press, flat bench press to practice in order to give priority to the development of the chest. The plan was this:

1. Group 5 ramps bench press 810 times

2. Flat bench press 5 Section 810 times

3. Supine Asuka Group 5 810 views

4 wheel cross the drop-down 5 group of 10 15

with a gradual increase minus the number of ways, for example, ramp bench press, started 20 times, and then cut into 15 times, 12 times, 10 times, 8 times, the weight increased to 315 pounds (143 kg). Each repetition of the number of times will be higher or lower
, are designed in order to obtain specific results of training. Part of the muscle training to carry out action style training. Schwarzenegger often spend a lot of tension from all angles have been

congestion in the chest muscles completely. To do so can learn to control the muscles, making muscles more clearly, but also to enhance endurance, so as to prepare for the race.

Schwarzenegger chest training features:

to do the movements are more stringent. Large weight training, in order to complete the final one or two moves, he was using "deceit" rule or forced leveraging the law. Bodybuilding training, the most basic principle is overload, the trick is to make a heavier load to be added to a separate training muscles. Therefore, strict action specification is the basic requirement.

Early training focus on the chest fully developed, each training session, they put on the chest, lower chest, raphe, medial and lateral pectoral, thoracic and other train for times. Training has always been to keep the muscles tense, especially when the barbell or dumbbells are held to the highest point. Fully extended pectoral muscles. Schwarzenegger has used dumbbells instead of barbells do lying on inclined plate to push their aim is to more effectively stretch the upper chest. Because dumbbells than barbells _ is taking a low point, will not stop chest stretch.

First of all, you have a clear purpose to your exercise: It is trying to practice thick chest, or just create a little Munakata, or a certain part of a specific well-developed pectoral muscles, or up the entire chest is well developed. When the explicit purpose beyond what is necessary to consider what action to practice site. For example, with the usual push-ups, the main train lateral chest, right outside the well-developed pectoral muscles were very effective. It is the practicing chest effectiveness of using the most general way. If you just want a general chest exercises, do not like, like a dedicated bodybuilder, then, the campaign is the best, most convenient, it is not the venue, tools, constraints, can be done almost anywhere. However, if, if more demanding, you have to use some equipment to practice, such as: bench press, the need barbells, bench press bench and so on. But it's adjustable great grip is different on different parts of practicing the chest. Narrow grip a little, and practiced the closer the site of the inside of the seam can be shaped chest. Wide grip a little, you can practice, the lateral chest. Also, the parallel bars arm flexion-extension, right chest and the outer edge of the lower edge of the molding is an effective action. Also, the supine birds this difficult action, the entire chest well developed. And in the private practice of equipment butterfly machine, are valid. However, suggested the use of basic movements to practice, that is, bench press, push-ups, as well as the inclined plane bench press (upper chest training). Also, pull-up, although the main training back muscles, but the chest is still valid, (especially on the pectoral muscles). The only right action choices. In fact, exercise is more important principle is: "what one can step by step." If a slight mistake, it will hurt, just the opposite. There are proper nutrition, and recovery are important factors, not sloppy.

Identify the goal, to find pairs of methods, persevere, there will be effective.

More than just a superficial discussion of the proposed to the gym to participate in a special regular exercise. That have specialized coaches and venues and equipment. Effect of this will greatly assist.



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