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How to do a good drills coaches

born in the marsh where the fish2010-03-26 12:10:41 +0000 #1

Wang Niu2010-03-26 12:25:11 +0000 #2
I think it must first have a solid basic skills and good physical condition that is the basis for

and then is able to promote an atmosphere of positive interaction with Member the sun

finally have a healthy mind is the ability to learn to regulate in the absence of applause when the determination can also continue on the path

of course, also pay attention to fan group needs ball and hip-hop culture is that it would like to teach a number of dynamic multiple-choice Strong

fast-paced music, the same time pay more attention to younger members of the performance of positive interaction, if teaching is the yoga

and members of groups who were too old, then we must firmly grasp the mother and mother-level psychological

so as to be members positive



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