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I am available for training a muscle to do?

wanghan8682010-03-26 13:11:01 +0000 #1
Coach Hello

I was a little money to employees you do not mind if I ask you: I work every day up to the 22 o'clock, but I came back I want to exercise the state is generally a good time to start training at about 11 150 push-ups every night, divided into three groups to do is to get five pounds a bottle held 60 under 60 under the birds and then lying to cite 60 sit-ups under the 100 Group 2 squat stand 60 Lianwan almost 11.30 in and then wash under the bed Can I exercise of this reasonable? My day job is manual labor and technical tired of living a little bit tired sometimes do come back is also suitable for training? The purpose of my exercise was a want to change the physical fitness of the present life coach you want to help me thank you the next! ! ! If I do I plan to buy a dumbbell unreasonable you help me to develop a plan right? I would be grateful Height 1.77 Weight 136 Thank you in! ! !
5i Fitness2010-03-26 13:16:11 +0000 #2
Hello: The methods of training the muscles you will have a certain growth, stick to the line will be very good. However,

practice not a "muscular", muscle growth, three elements are: reasonable and adequate rest + nutrition + low number of large weight

strength training. I suggest you buy an adjustable dumbbells about 25-30 kg to prepare for long-term use (for example, you use

5 kg dumbbell curl to do two, you can do a group of "12 times" more than this weight on the increase muscle for

not much used, it should be added the weight of the. muscle growth requires constant stimulation, so important to gradually increase the negative.

increase muscle strength training program for reference: I suggest you train every other day, "sometimes very tired "Do not practice, because it

but will lose muscle!

Fitness The best time to paragraphs 3 pm - 9 pm

the following programs please refer to: (motion video can be found online basic)

1: Yes Oxygen Training Program Reference: running two times a week, every 20-30 minutes, from 4-6 km (so favorable

in your heart and lung function and digestion and absorption) two times a week should not be too much

2: Power Training Program Reference: (intensity of light of their own circumstances master)

5-10 minutes each time before skipping a warm-up

and then stretched to train the site

(RM) refers to the amount you are barely able to complete! (based on the weight of RM options )

(rest 60-90 seconds between the two groups, rest 90-120 seconds between movements)

1st day: Chest + Triceps

(1) Dumbbell bench press 10-12RM x3 Group (2) dumbbell birds 10-12RM x3 Group

(3) push-ups 15-20 (sub) x4 group (4) seated flexion and extension arm posterior arm: 8-12RM (sub) x3 Group

(5), overlooking the legislative arm flexion and extension: 8 -12RM (times) x3 Group

The next day the third day of rest

Back + Biceps (1) Single-arm dumbbell row: 8-12RM (times) x4 group (2) The wide grip chin-up: 8-12RM (times) x4 group

(3), narrow-grip pull-up :8-12RM (times) x4 group (4) overlooking the sitting curl: 8-12RM (times) x3 Group

(5) standing Dumbbell hammer curl 8-12RM (times) x3 Group (6) Seated alternating dumbbell curl :8-12RM

(times) x3 Group

Day Four: a rest

the fifth day of leg + shoulder Ministry of Training Day

(1) dumbbell squat (holding dumbbell squat on both sides of the body) 8-10RM (times) x3 Group

(2) dumbbell squat 8-10RM x3 shear Group (3) sprint 50 meters X4 times (if convenient)

(4) standing dumbbell-elected 10-12RM (times) x3 Group (5) The standing position Dumbbell Lateral Raise 10-12RM (times) x3

(6) Flat dumbbell held before the 10-12RM (sub - ) x3 Group

On the sixth day: Closed

there is every other day of the abdomen can be practiced again: Recommend three movements

bend the knee give 15-20RM (times) x3 / T8NsG9fBzXfkgHIl.html

oblique abdomen 15-20RM (times) x3

"touch his toes" 15-20RM (times) x3


plan is not set in stone, according to the training conditions and health adjustment.

only outside but also by increasing the nutrient intake, especially protein.
bishubo2010-03-26 13:56:04 +0000 #3
In fact, do not focus on fitness equipment ! `
like you can a! -
, but what you use is not a point of light!

such a practice can only be played if the effect of body sculpting!`

You also need to increase the power of practice! `need more weight stuff!

you are such a weight is reduced fat Lianfa `
push-ups for ways you can do!`

both sides of the raising of the body as far as possible under the pressure,

(anterior quote I used was 17.5 kg dummy Eurya 2 )

Your number is enough, but the power did not go up! -

or you will add Ying-up on the back muscles help! -

from your height and weight mentioned point of view, you 好想 a bit thin! -

There are the most important,

rest, the body muscles to grow back,

Do not do too much exercise,

That would cause fatigue! -

for fitness is not a good thing @ -

diet, you have to pay more attention to , proteins are the body muscles need most! -

in fact you still have to know in fitness - take a look at fitness

multi-book of great help to you! -

dumbbells is a good choice! -

too much to say say no to play,

I 168. weighs 68 kg! -

Horizontal push maximum weight 80 kg! - (not too heavy!)

we can all learn from each other about! -

Let us grow together! -



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