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How exercise vital capacity

504,050,5952010-03-26 23:10:15 +0000 #1
My lung capacity not do. Paoyuan of the tired runners. How can they do to increase lung function, lung function after exercise can do to upgrade? I am now 20-year-old
_4 this person has died 4_2010-03-26 23:16:13 +0000 #2
swimming running very good so I've still not trained in smoke
for love Princess2010-03-26 23:30:24 +0000 #3
It does not matter, the above phenomenon simply stated that you are bigger than others, lack of exercise If you just insist on running a similar campaign a month off, there is changed.
yc2867642010-03-26 23:55:05 +0000 #4
to do more exercise, like jogging, swimming, a class exercise 1-2 hours a day, so that over time there will be a good exercise to improve
asan8552010-03-27 00:56:11 +0000 #5
Running: This is the easiest and most convenient exercise project, not weather, winter and summer vacations can be carried out. In enhancing lung capacity, the varied pace of the role of the maximum. Quickly run 100 meters, and then slowly go back, and so run repeatedly, each running 2-3 km as a group, each exercise is best to run two or three groups. Quickstep not saying that the speed must be fast, but to widen the pace quick, because the rapid pace of the students can not afford. At present, many students are due to the lack of regular exercise habit, so in practice varied pace jogging before the first practice as a "preparatory course." Jogging according to their ability to row if excessive burden too heavy on the cardio-pulmonary, physical activity is enough, if not enough stimulation. How to determine amount of exercise? Pulse after each finish at around 130-140 per minute suitable. Has just started training, many people have body pain and the feeling of gas able to come up, adhere to exercise about one week the situation would be greatly improved, can then be transferred to varied pace. Varied pace but also step by step, to initially train a group, and then gradually increase the amount.

Swimming: Because there is no pressure of water on the lungs, can improve the respiratory function of the capacity requirements, so the effect of swimming exercise lung capacity than running Fortunately, suitable for primary and secondary students is the best way to enhance lung capacity. Despite the cold winter, swimming than the summer so easy to start, but many gym has a warm pool, young people can also choose to winter swimming. Needs to be emphasized is that swimming is not equal to dabble, repeated continuously swim Caidui help improve lung capacity. Method similar to the varied pace training, but also quick swim out and then slowly swim back to 50 meters distance travel back and forth repeatedly.

Rowing: is the lung capacity to stimulate the greatest sports, according to statistics, rowing athlete's lung capacity topped the list of all athletes. At present, Guangzhou, there are rowing clubs, but also admit some students as an amateur, interested students can contact them. However, more stringent requirements of racing, not all students can participate in, and the training needs of coaches.

The above three kinds of projects need to conduct in the community, while at home there are some simple ways to exercise lung capacity exercise.

Jump Rope: Exercise is not only to lung function, but also help increase and enhance the body coordination and sensitivity. Rope jumping and jumping when you fancy a quick two options, the former jump several times in a short time, which emphasized that changing posture, you can jump rope or two about rejection, or with people dancing, positive and negative jump. Push-ups: not only the upper body strength exercises on the vital capacity is also helpful. Every time a row based on individual ability to do dozens of others on the ground can be difficult, if hand stays on the table to do.

Riding a bike: chose between relatively few cars on the open section of uphill sections of the best, choke gas fast enough to ride on board slope, and from several.

Breathing exercises to enhance lung capacity and physical activity in the absence of conditions, when do "breathing exercises" to improve lung capacity is also effective.

Take a deep breath: Yoga practitioners called abdominal breathing, commonly known as "breath the atmosphere." Take a deep breath, the first step is 5 seconds, inhale: first, slowly inhale from the nose, so that the pull-down diaphragm, abdomen will bulge up, and then continue to inhale, will further expand the chest, ribs swarmed, chest jerk , so that the lungs as much exposure to air; second step is to breath, typically 5 seconds, as the practice increases the time breathless can also increase, so that the lungs can be as much as possible the absorption of oxygen; The third step is to slow aspirate, chest and abdominal regain its original state.

3 steps to a practice section, is repeated for each continuous 10 minutes. Take a deep breath after a long period of practice, can be a normal state of breathing method.

Quiet breathing: The thumb holding down the right nostril and slowly inhale the air from the left nostril, when the feeling of the lungs can no longer suck the air has already reached saturation point does not move when the index finger and middle finger to hold down the left nostril, so that both sides of the nose can not breathe, breath-hold for 10 seconds and then release your fingers, breath. The next time you turn with the right nostril breathing, method, with the former, both sides of the nostril, alternating each breathe 5 times.

Sleep Apnea: In the case before going to bed breathing, vital capacity in the exercise, while there are effects of the treatment of insomnia. Lying in bed, his hands flat on both sides of the body, close your eyes begin to do deep breathing. At the same time move slowly raised his arms over head, close to ears, fingers touch bedside. This process is about 10 seconds, his arms at the same time restore, repeated 10 times.

Sports respiration: the process in motion, walking or jogging when the conscious breathing to increase the amount of, first slowly inhale, with the suction will gradually widen the thorax, and then quickly breath, repeatedly practicing each exercise 20 or more times.
mychuanzhi2010-03-27 00:13:42 +0000 #6
blow up balloons of the most simple
sunyu10112010-03-27 02:07:10 +0000 #7
more aerobic exercise, now is the most effective running and swimming, long-distance running every day you insist on running 3000-5000 m, I personally recommend the use of swimming, because the relatively long-distance running under the more boring, not easy to adhere to down, swimming, go to the swimming pool all year round can go every week to 3 to 4 times you can, and do not adhere to swim 1,000 meters times to see if you set the level of the individual. both to improve Which aspects of your own, send you two words (upholding )!!!!

to see your question to add: In fact, this is the case, and practicing lung capacity requires a long training before they can be improved, you do not have to go a long time go to practice diving, this overshoot can damage the body, it is recommended and frogs swim freestyle swim, exercise, when the most important thing is to control your breathing rhythm, breathing rhythm of a good grasp one of the foundations of your training, I would like how to breathe, specifically we are well give you the answers you seek help from lifeguards, swimming, he will based on your circumstances and conditions you want to give the answer!
jieli1152010-03-27 00:15:41 +0000 #8
chest movement

arms straight, palms down, flat move forward to keep the palm down, slowly and forcefully, respectively, do show both sides of the chest moves, and then retracts from both sides on both sides of the body. When you inhale on the arms move his arms when the breath back and started practicing, it can repeatedly do so 50 times. Gradually increased to 100 times.

Your arms straight stretching forward the top of the move, slow and powerful extension to the rear head. Upper body can also be slightly bent backwards as far as possible to shoulder to achieve the maximum possible extent, so that there is a clear shoulder "after shock" feeling, and then retracts his arms on both sides of the body. When you inhale on the move arms, arms recovered when the breath again and again to do 30 to 50 times.

Take a deep breath

arms naturally extended, palm outward up to guide the arm outward at the top of the slow start (ie, ramp on the move), this time of deep breathing. Hand turn before the arm fall forward arc. And then try to move forward under the body flexion, this time try to breath. Repeated 50 times to do. Note: Start practicing, probably because not accustomed to, breath, and inspiratory time is very short. Be counter-boring and often a sense of practice will be gradually extended, and the author over a period of time after practice, each process can continue to inhale and exhale 15 to 18 seconds.

Jogging Jogging is a valid exercise lung function easy way. Jogging 300

500 meters each. Running time attention was breathing naturally, do not hold your breath.

Abdominal breathing exercises done in front of four, after the election in a dry outdoors, the best place to have flowers. Practice abdominal breathing, rain can be carried out indoors, but Yaoda open the window. The specific method is: the body relax, take a natural sitting and Italy under the pubic region defensive, slow deep breathing. Inspiratory. Perceived nature of the fresh gas, into the next pubic region, the small abdomen naturally slowly muster: breath, the abdomen as far as possible toward the contraction of gas slowly out call. Breathing required to do: light, thin, deep, long, silent. Practice''reverse breathing "is conducive to expansion of the lungs under the leaf tissue in order to maintain good lung capacity. Every exercise of not less than 15 minutes. Over a period of time after practice, it is best practice can be maintained at each time for 30 minutes.



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