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How many kilograms of 15-year-old can squat?

xiaozhu05642010-03-27 10:10:27 +0000 #1
I am 15 years old, 186,140 pounds, would like to tall to squat much longer?
steel shells R2010-03-27 10:12:54 +0000 #2
wow, all 186cm, and want a long tall 呀? Still, after 15 years of age, but also, I have a 16 a.

Ah, I suggest you can go to playing the basketball or jump rope skipping. If you insist on squat if you can appropriate, and better than insist on setting standards, everyone's physique is different Well, perhaps you can set yourself goals: 100 next, do not time to do too much, too tired, or under the When times do not may find the courage to insist on very hard, so you can appropriate, and set the objectives set bar for himself.

(Remember my fifth-grade classmates when corporal punishment: a curricular do squat 1000, under the then super-soft legs, oh, about goes down, Oh, the situation was still fresh!)
Palm crisp 3262010-03-27 10:20:06 +0000 #3
the age of 15 is not suitable for what to do squat, especially weight-bearing squat

If you want to train muscle strength may be squat, but also do not load too much

If you want to practice more on the multi-month long jump, jumping,

want to practice jumping can be weight-bearing leg, jumping or running,

But you must remember that, no matter what the practice should adhere to regular, moderate sex must be prepared to practice before the warm-up activities, practicing relaxation activities made after finishing the only way to life before your campaign will be extended so as not to prematurely are injury plagued



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