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Long Distance tired feet

ancom1102010-03-27 13:10:47 +0000 #1
now running almost a month Exercise Bar

4000M run before exercise to prepare the ground running when the foot is basically no problem

breathing stays a 10,000 meters can also be

, but is this tired feet Basically ran five laps or so feet back on the tired

and then want to give up when running

do not know what the problem is not a relatively short legs?
Actinium River students2010-03-27 13:21:38 +0000 #2
do it I was in this year's junior high school graduates, has just obtained his 1000m, but in fact did not you say so hard!

You have to really want to train well, then would try to do it according to what I say! I use this method to practice a two-month period improved more than 1 minute!

Run 1000m, when He walked the most outer ring, run 1200m, but you have to come as a 1000m run, 400m before you consider to use the speed to run 400m, after a slight increase in speed, the last 150m to 200m hub. Body measurements in a formal course in the final run to Biezhu breath.

Based on the situation you are now trained in time, there are many, every other week plus an amount to give themselves up to you to decide how much increase, but also on a regular basis to see that they have no increase in time as far as possible to improve on each occasion, the key is you persevered!

Do not immediately stop after the finish, do not sit down, hands akimbo onto the section of this is somewhat better!

As far as possible to run more, do not stop, a stop on the Paobu Dong! The other way to do it physically, and Dunqi, rope skipping, sprint, squat walking, can improve your fitness, I was so over, and quite effective!

At home, you can rope skipping, jumping rope is equal to 10 minutes to run 30 minutes, half an hour early each day together, went to the outskirts, or where you are, as far point, feet tied up sandbags, come back just to go to school in the afternoon at the school track to practice 200 Mega throttle, run warm-up before, finish the recalled pressure stretching, two athletes of our school is how a day of training to be a good game few days rest on it. Thank you.
Feng Ju Toshihaya2010-03-27 13:37:32 +0000 #3
Exercise is a long and gradual process, slowly, your muscles strength of overdraft, and amount of the best.



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