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snakes and the Dragon2010-03-27 13:10:53 +0000 #1
I am now 17 years old 93 years was born in December are not satisfied with the height 160CM how it kind of make yourself tall to do so? ? For example, what to eat What to eat less doing what is best to have his own experience, people to help out bar `Guiqiu
dilute de memory2010-03-27 13:17:19 +0000 #2
Long Gao is also a matter of fact has not been difficult, as long as they have confident that nothing is so successful. I also have

but also because height is very low self-esteem, fear for their height may have its own series of problems arising after the work

So I started high school, when his long-planned high. But also achieved a good harvest

through the efforts of my height from 163 cm to 175 cm long. There is unspeakable happy heart.

In here, I have to give you some tall some of the ways, hoping to help you.

1. Maintain a good mood, do not be too irritated.

2. Nutrition must be comprehensive and can not be picky eaters, the partial eclipse. Eat calcium-rich foods each day to ensure at least a cup of

milk, fish, meat and other protein-containing foods should eat more high. A comprehensive nutrition, and physical development of naturally

soon. Not smoking, drinking.

3. Seize the sun. Should give more time to empty out the sun, take a walk, activities, events muscles, in particular,

is a time when the spring should go out, spring Well, all things wake of the season, the body of man the key to long


4. Grasp of sleep. At least 8 hours a day to ensure that the sleep time. Can not stay up all night. 22:00 ago

sleep, growth hormone secretion in most often, 10 am to 2 am. Bedtime can stretch ah, right

spine is helpful.

5. Grasp movement. Select high-frequency movement, such as skipping ah, running, ah, looking for a few Renpei you playing the basket

ball. Do not do weight-bearing exercise, such as dumbbells, barbells and so on.

6. Less watching television and less Internet access, to avoid ionizing radiation.

7. Do not eat off-season vegetables and fruits. Do not eat poultry neck.

8. Do not believe what Zenggao Xie ah, drugs ah, these are deceptive.

Friends, having their efforts will surely be harvested, and believe they can do it. .



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