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171cm 53kg fitness questions

bomujian2010-03-27 19:10:10 +0000 #1
how to develop fitness program? The specific words which have several parts,

how to test their current situation, what weight can be called with results? (Weight training + diet)

I have 30KG dumbbell in hand, hope master lead the way!

Want to be stronger, want to build a better look, to develop a habit of - ^ ^
introverted and strengthen our foundation2010-03-27 19:25:08 +0000 #2
Fitness When you and I only weight height similar to give you some of my own experience.

Now You can use push-ups in one minute to complete the number of times to test your overall strength, with sit-ups to test the strength of your waist, can make a record after the test so that you can refer to an increase in the amount of power.

fitness is a gradual The purpose is to keep fit and healthy at the beginning you can start with the lighter weight on your chest, back, shoulder, arm (brachial brachial two and three), legs of sub-time-sharing exercise.

in the fitness the planned combination of the most basic parts of exercise is

Monday: chest and brachial 3

Tuesday: Closed (to the muscles sufficient rest time)

Wednesday: back and brachial 2

Thursday: Closed

Friday: shoulders and legs

weekends: There is itch exercise (such as long-distance running or playing football and the like, there are more are itching exercise can increase cardiovascular fitness and metabolism)

but all of the training program is not static, in order not to make the muscles begin to adapt to you training methods, after a period of time you want to make the appropriate adjustments, such as the chest can be a day devoted to training, more training to do a few moves and a few super combo, brachial brachial three can take a day to do a 2 combat training, but these are the time you want to advanced, a start can be the project should first increase the strength and endurance.

The following gives you the basic movements of each part and number of

Chest: push-ups; barbell Horizontal push; barbell push the decumbens; dumbbells Horizontal push; dumbbell on pushing decumbens; Dumbbell Lying birds; dumbbell climbing birds; Cross folder chest.

back: chin-up; sitting down; device seated rowing; dead lift ; leaned over rowing.

brachii 2: carry the bell curl, dumbbell curl, squat one arm curl, slant boards curl.

brachii 3: hands back and arm flexion and extension, looking at arm flexion and extension, horizontal arm flexion and extension, narrow from the push-ups.

Shoulder: Dumbbell standing before the flat move; dumbbell standing side-Ping Ju; barbell pulling to stand; barbell sitting anterior elected

Leg: carry the bell squat; legs move; seated leg flexion and extension; Prone Leg curl; weight-bearing lunge.

by force able to do 8-12 in each group to do 3-4 times a group of groups at the beginning of each part can pick three or four actions to complete the training after the movement slowly add on.

diet is key, fitness, many people say to eat in the seventh are practiced in one-third of that point right. You can according to its own conditions, to develop their own diet plan, high protein is the main, the daily three meals a day as far as possible into 56 meals, each meal by adding a little more high-protein foods, because you show that you absorb the weight of bad, Shaoshiduocan only advantages, as you eat a meal without saying too much is also not easy to absorb will increase the gastrointestinal burden. wait for you to pursue advanced muscular, can have make up on protein powder, creatine and other supplements.

you are at home, only a dumbbell, it is limited to exercise moves, go to the gym exercise is recommended, if able to do so in the gym training when you teach in a private time to improve your helpful, action can be standardized, and also receive a wealth of fitness knowledge. I started practicing on his own, and take a lot of detours and finally brought in a private education before know that there are the muscles ability to adapt, how should a good adjustment programs. fitness long as we persist, with a total meeting to harvest. I wish you become stronger as soon as possible.
fate enough2010-03-27 19:23:04 +0000 #3
Muscle military training methods: one-side abdomen. lie sat bench, Shuangshoubaotou, two toes feet close together and straight, tilt the head and feet with the bench flat into a 30-degree angle, when you can end of five minutes, your abdominal muscles even more marked than soda crackers. may begin your persist in less than 20 seconds, but gradually you will be extended. 2 biceps. will be higher than the shoulders dumbbell that you can, do not care how many of each make up the arm muscles limp. 3 pectoral muscles. so internal organs leaning rest, posture must be standard, buttocks not Alice, to the same level with the back, can insist on 60 per day, with attractive chest is not a dream. Guizaijianchi movement.
freedake2010-03-27 19:49:05 +0000 #4
you want to exercise outside of the site are revealed by and should be co-ordinated to carry out the exercise. Body integrated development, which focused, as this will take a lot of little roundabout.

An effective fitness program should include

1 / fitness before the warming-up

2 / fitness movements reasonable arrangements, such as refining a few days rest, the main day which actions such as refining.

3 / each action should be noted that matters, the appropriate picture display and video display, and the number of group number, number, group breaks, and strength of the control.

4 / fitness to relax after

5 / fitness diet after the co-ordination, one-third of refining , seven points to eat.

6 / life habits of cooperation, good habits, and thus develop a good fitness habits.

you look at your exercise program is now used, is not it contains a few areas. an effective fitness program is not just get into the online copy, and a thoughtful fitness respondents would not be so easy to write a fitness program, fitness program to suit their needs is the most effective. From all aspects of their own Detailed information on starting, and then developing targeted programs suitable for fitness in order to achieve a multiplier effect.

view of the above, I hope you help.



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