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Ghost Marshal2010-03-29 02:10:21 +0000 #1
Hohhot seeking health club, hoping that they can and a half months or years card, club cards, mainly equipment. Please say about the price, the best in the square nearby, as well as on the number of cards and annual cards.
hhgg11332010-03-29 02:19:27 +0000 #2
Changle Gong diagonally across from the City of Life Fitness-year card 528

Railway Stadium gym brings a variety of sub-card, long-term effective from

400 yuan Plaza, 11th floor, the former capital of year card (Sunshine Card) 518 yuan, original 1280 RMB

years cards are also are beyond the fitness goddess of the VIP floor, where many people have bad attitudes 500 odd dollars annual card

I have many years of fitness, which are visited the gym, and contempt for everything copied to the reply! ! ! !

I have Impulse and movement of the cards have run the whole, the sun, or Impulse card good! And there's coach of high quality, good environment. If you need I can give you the telephone number of private teaching, you direct contact, nutritional supplements can also be discounted.



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