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Dietary Fat Reduction and legs on the campaign issues. Physical coordination. Daren into the high sc

FXood2010-03-30 11:10:30 +0000 #1
1. I was 183CM 16-year-old 80KG I is characterized by thick thighs, and buttocks, especially connected to the local, and the thigh is the bottom below Neice rear.

2. I would like to lengthen the Achilles tendon, running for some time, feeling Tuicu of. Bad. I was skipping. I hope that someone quantitative, on the department's 1:00 program. Do not generalities.

3. There next to upper limb training, wider at the time felt, that is very thin from the side. The front, okay. I do not want widened, and just want to thickening point. There are ways to Yao?

4. Like playing basketball, his left leg Niuguo 3 times. Jumping is not better. Have paid as much as possible to restore Mody? Not good in the foot before the injury I have received an estimated part of the problem!

5. Want to increase the hip muscles, to point the methods used.

Hurry good Mody, scores + oiwake!
soldier 10012010-03-30 11:19:18 +0000 #2
1. You can use the formula to calculate what the body is slim, or partial fat, because I am a northerner, so I just remember the formula for calculating the northerners:

northerners standard weight = [height (cm) -150 * 0.6 +50]

Obesity (%)=( actual body weight - your standard weight) / standard body weight

Obesity If the 10.1% - 20% within the overweight, over 20% obese. Within plus or minus 10% of normal.

I am not a fitness coach, just a fan, of course, to go where the body had not practiced, but it is much easier than before. The following exercise methods for reference only, if qualified, or to the fitness center, to find a trainer to guide you better.

2. Lengthen the Achilles tendon, you can use running to do physical exercise, or skipping is possible. Then, stretching, positive pressure, each under 100, has just started to be able to withstand the number of suitable, do not click on 100 under pressure, or else leg will be prepared to accept. After successive increase.

3. To increase upper body strength, (1) can do push-ups, you can exercise pectoralis major, deltoid shoulder before the beam, as well as triceps. Each 15, one can do 3 - 4 groups, each with a break half a minute. A day early, middle and late three times to practice.

Still trying to flaunt the beginning of another in order to maximize the suitable time to do, then, each successive increase in number of times you can. For example: You can do a group of 20 times, 30 times, 50 times. Can.

(2) biceps, you can use pull-up to exercise, the number of times and groups probably Ibid.

4. To increase jumping ability, you can do with the barbell squat, waist and thigh side as 90 °, the weight of the barbell in order to eliminate the body suitable to eat, not too heavy, so as to avoid injury, each can do 8 - 10 times, do 3 - 4 groups. Each space for half a minute. Can be increased after the successive barbell.

5. Every muscle exercises every day, not to practice the next day, for example, practiced today, biceps, triceps training tomorrow, the day after tomorrow again biceps training.

Physical exercise stress step by step, not trying to flaunt, the number of weights to successive increases in order to avoid bodily injury.

6. Forget that, you said over time the muscles of the body would not, that there is no reason for sustained exercise, you get world-class bodybuilding champion a year do not exercise, he also chairman of the fat.

Physical exercise should be sustained.



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