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Fitness thigh sloppy how we can trim

Dawn vane2010-03-30 12:11:03 +0000 #1
muff man 29 Height 173cm Weight 152 pounds, thigh fat calves are more hip, but is not actually a sloppy today, have a fitness coach let me do some anaerobic exercise it to excel at the muscles, I wonder of the Good reduction of fat or protein easy to burn? He was such a practice, right? In addition jogging can lose fat, why finish the legs after the legs feel special acid, then it ran more than a month have no sense of good-hearted people affected by ah seeking Gaoren legs to a detailed plan to do less exercise as well as specific knowledge of how to do that strength of a good man must be rewarded
baked that lazy rabbit2010-03-30 12:18:17 +0000 #2
Rourou for the legs are more people up on the jogging is not recommended because it will be tired, difficult to maintain.

However, speaking of science to control caloric intake and an appropriate combination of aerobic exercise is the most reasonable way to lose weight.

So you still have to look at you a reasonable plan of three meals a day, if a small daily intake of at least 300 calories of heat, one and a half months will be cut 10 kilograms.

For large calves, exercise is recommended skipping and Dunqi movement. Rope skipping do not want to jump every time the number, but divided into several groups, each time the role of 150 to 300 on the line. However, to prevent calf turned into muscles, Tiao Wan must beat the calf to relax. Dunqi is the same, the legs will be very acid, have to carry on beating relax.

Another meal 1 hour after 30 minutes of brisk walking is also a good method of plastic legs.

Remember that every movement should be properly down and relax without a sour place, so that those who would cut off the first virtual meat, and then into a muscle.

加油 bar!
阿尔贝塔拉2010-03-30 12:52:45 +0000 #3
Tuisuan is to produce lactic acid's sake, jogging on the reduction of fat legs bad, it is recommended to do squat, right hip and thigh fat have better combustion



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