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Movement for more than 40 minutes to burn the fat problem

bobo days Ya2010-03-30 14:10:36 +0000 #1
Movement would like to say that more than 40 minutes to burn the fat in front are out of the water, then I such as brisk walking 40 minutes on a treadmill, elliptical machine and then do it like that, this time continuity Mody? Or that each campaign must be more than 40 minutes, the middle one will be able to stop it?

There are my exercise sweating face, neck, back, I mainly want to stovepipe, then so can thin legs do not sweat it?

Thank you, smart -
Jing Xuan Web2010-03-30 14:12:17 +0000 #2
the so-called Fat Burn body fat is consumed, the use of fat as an energy source of material for the body's movement to provide energy. As the movement of different length of time, the body uses energy source also changed. Among them, mainly by the movement of fat for energy in general there are two characteristics: First, the aerobic exercise; second, the duration of at least 30-40 minutes of exercise.

If you have 40 minutes of brisk walking on a treadmill, which is a long period of aerobic exercise, can effectively through the consumption of fat to energy supply. And then do the movement on the elliptical machines also belong to aerobic exercise. Exercise after a certain time, using a different line style continues to exercise a certain degree can be a single movement pattern to avoid a sense of fatigue is a good transformation, both belong to the same aerobic exercise, exercise time and thus have a continuity, can be added.

However, brisk walking on a treadmill is the systemic coordination of the movement, will have a greater energy consumption, while the elliptical exercise machine while the load on the muscles of the legs of local large upper low energy consumption. Movement is likely due to a certain part of the local fatigue stop body movement, of course, can be reduced by appropriate exercise intensity to improve the movement duration.

The so-called stovepipe, mainly through the reduction of leg fat, to improve the leg muscles to achieve shape. The ultimate aerobic energy supply of fat metabolites are water and carbon dioxide. If you exercise the legs when a large number of sweat exudation, of course, their effect more obvious. However, we can not be blind to think that the more sweat, the greater the movement of water loss is the Fat Burn the most effective campaign. Because the water discharge at this time, and do not represent all the fat metabolism resulting from the water, is also possible that the body's own loss of free water, if too much of this water loss, but also to exercise a negative impact on the body and and, the body in the case of excessive water loss will have a sense of fatigue, this will also affect the movement of time and effectiveness.

In addition, the active and effective movement that will fully exercise the leg muscles, so that the muscles become firmer, more beautiful appearance. However, if the movement feels sore leg, the muscle tissue that is energy source for muscle glycogen during exercise can produce incomplete metabolites - the effects of lactic acid accumulation at this time, it is best not to immediately stop movement to rest Instead, the enthusiasm of the rest should be taken, that is OK for a movement style of a small amount of exercise aerobic exercise, such as jogging, walking, pulling and other sports, use this method to allow complete metabolism of lactic acid and further water and carbon dioxide generated and effective to avoid the accumulation of lactic acid in the leg muscles, resulting in muscle shape, sturdy and aesthetic impact.
gyn6543212010-03-30 14:36:51 +0000 #3
just felt sore, and is to begin burning fat, and that time must not stop, multi-persist for a while, will only be burning off fat



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