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Top of the games are played (a)

Top of the play and the games are played quite varied, but the more common playing rules, there are two:

1, the level of law: bent over from behind turning the wrist, throwing the gyro then further on a pull forward, spinning along the ground level will be the direction of forward rotation.

2, Vertical: The top of the force from scratch, Wang Dexia rejection gyro, gyro will rotate constantly fall from the sky, this play is usually used to "nail Kanra" the.

As for the top games will be different due to different regional games are played, are summarized as follows:

1, top sumo

l, to prepare a hard paper box (with openings), the loading box of the most cake good.

2, the carton on the ground, away from the carton 3

5 meters, draw a line as a starting point.

3, this game is a two to play, finger-guessing game decided the order, both retreated lane, has the top into the carton, since the two top boxes are in high-speed rotation, so there will be a collision was pushed out of a box, the top is ejected person we're lost, if not one of them into the top box, also considered lost.

2, the Liberal whip

1, each in the open space on the free choice of place, may be its own gyro spin up.

2, top to stop the fastest man-made inputs must be top nailed to the ground, so that other people attacked by the gyro spin for the longest time that a beginning of his gyro gyro alignment on the ground smash, If the top of the material at this time poor, it will split into two from one, if the top from cracking

open, nails fall off, it nails it belongs to those who destroyed it all, at this time can be re-playing the new bureau .

3, if it is all nail fight, gyro is still well preserved, the next time keep on playing when you lose, that person would not need to come up with gyro was attacked (with an exemption).

3, stinky head hen

1, draw a circle on the floor, a diameter of about 30 centimeters long.

2, to participate in the game were required to come up with a gyroscope placed in each circle, the finger-guessing game decides the priorities.

3, the first one picked up the top to the circle in the first beating, the use of skills and the strength of top spin, will circle to the other top play outsiders, if the "save" out of a gyro, you can continue to beat, However, if your strap is not careful to stay in the top circle inside, then disqualified.

4, due to gyro with nails and high-speed rotation, the gyro was rescued often had taken a beating, like flocks are often bullied by peers, chickens peck the head, so this game is called a "stinking head Chicken Little."

4, a nail Kanra

1, draw a circle on the floor, about 30 centimeters in diameter, the central and then draw a small triangle.

2, the participants decided the order in finger-guessing game, turns to the circle in the top lay, they must fall on top of the circle, it would be even failure.

3, not only into the circle in the top, but also to use its power of rotation, roll-out be successful outside the circle, if the gyroscope fixed on the circle in the spin king, there is no sign of movement, in the gyro is not stopped before it can also be triggered for outsiders with a rope, reaching the top was still rotating when outsiders to be successful.

4, if the gyroscope stopped at the circle or even a beat down will not spin, is considered a failure, this time may be nailed on top of a small triangle in the central circle, so that others attack.

5, if your top has been locked up in a triangle, you can also pick up his second top stars, with playing "stinky head chickens" approach by putting their top rescued.
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