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I would like to exercise my willpower!

_ Knife second-rate2010-03-31 14:10:39 +0000 #1
My willpower is a very fragile person, no matter want to find an excuse, tomorrow after tomorrow. Who can help me, give me Tidianyixian it. Now to study abroad, and also Gaibu Diao, can not you give me a suggestion then.
Meng Yuan 1072010-03-31 14:25:50 +0000 #2
willpower is an important component of personality factors, have a significant impact on people's lives. People must have the willpower to succeed, as a guarantee. As early as more than 2400 years ago, Mencius, it said: "The days will be down Daren Yu he died also, one must first hardship and allowed Liu, workers of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, it is OK fu chaos, so tempted Ren Xing has its benefits can not, "This case vividly illustrates the importance of willpower. In order to realize their dreams, achieve their own ends, need to have a hot feeling, a strong will, courage and indomitable spirit, overcome all difficulties on the road ahead. In this way, nothing is impossible. How can we do to enhance their stamina?

One is to strengthen the right motivation. People's actions are dominated by the motive, but motives are derived from the germination to meet the need. What does not need or that people who seek nothing, never. Who are looking to have their own needs, but also the pursuit of their own; only because of the different outlook on life, different people are always the pursuit of different as their greatest satisfaction. Stalin said that the purpose of the great produce great perseverance. From the Ostrovsky and Zhang Haidi body, we can charge to see how the noble purpose in life to inspire a strong tenacity.

The second is from a small start, you can exercise great willpower. Li Siguang to the work-tough, meticulous known for training with his own young age to walk 0.8 meters for each kind of little things are not unrelated. Dalton fear his life difficult, it seems every day, fifty years from his observation of meteorological and develop the resilience to benefit greatly. Gorky said: "even his own a little restraint, people will become strong and powerful," Life has repeatedly shown us, can all have persistence, can all can exercise willpower, perseverance and to overcome difficulties associated. To overcome the difficult process, that is training, enhance the persistence process. Determination is not very strong, often able to overcome the small problems, not be able to overcome great difficulties; However, the accumulation of small victories to overcome the small problems are also difficult to make the people's congresses of perseverance. Today, you may pick one jin can not afford the burden, but you can pick up pick three pounds, and this line. As long as you pick every day, month training, one day, a jin burden of pressure on your shoulders, you can Jianbu like a champ. Yun Daiying profound to say: You need to use set of meaning determined effort. I sense that the set, that is commonly used in the small effort is also struggling. ... ... In a small office can not make mistakes, their big at fault must carry on. Small oppression of small lure that is able to beat in the big lure of oppression in their ability to outmaneuver large as a problem yet. Such as small office can not be better than large office is still looking better than this not self-deception of the very call? Better than small ones, and then is better than the greater. This so-called set-yi. Otherwise, delivery is still an empty set. "
Little things a lot of little things from which to start, some people have a good up late, it might come to a bare-faced on the cases; some people," Today things by tomorrow, "then the" Today it today completed "as motto; Some people come across the book wanted to doze off, then force yourself to read one hour a day book, do not read can not sleep, as long as the books every day force yourself to sit in front of the formation of habits Association, perseverance also oil However, health. A person needs to do right from their own, because people have inertia. perseverance needed to overcome the inertia. any inert are common, and any determination of action is also symbiotic. things that have never complement each other, this long-He consumption. small things can develop great stamina, the reason is obvious among them.

3 is to cultivate an interest that inspires perseverance. Some people say that interest is determination of the threshold, that was justified. Fabre has a special love of insects, his observation of insects in the tree could be a lie is a half-day. Nobel laureate Samuel Ting said, I often regardless of day and night to shut themselves up in the laboratory, it was thought I was bitter, in fact, this is only my interest lies, I feel "great sport" in things, naturally willpower stay here. Certainly there are people interested in visual interest and intrinsic interest of the points, but both can be converted. For example: Some people have no interest in learning foreign languages dull, but he understood that to learn foreign language is to build four of the need for such a need, he was interested, so he can force yourself to adhere to learn foreign languages. In the study process, the foreign interest in the text also be able to gradually develop them, which in turn can further stimulate the perseverance he insisted on learning foreign languages . Once a person has a certain thing, the inherent stability of a particular job of interest occurs, then the desirable determination unknowingly came to his side, has become a very natural thing.

4 from the easy entry and difficult, can enhance their confidence, but also exercise willpower. Some people like to put something from start to finish the job done because things are difficult and often too large and unsustainable. For less-determination for people who struggle in determining their own goals, selecting perforation mouth to achieve this goal, we must proceed from reality, from easy to hard into the principle. Xu Teli comrades learn French, has been already over fifty, others say that he is not a science, he said, so that I Give it a try. He knew that his poor memory, and work was busy, so began to set for ourselves, "targets", but remember one or two Shengci day. start this plan is not easy to implement, appear to slow in some , but can develop confidence, a few months down, Xu has not only completed projects, and develop an interest in, establish a confidence, and gradually mastered the French school of "tricks", after the day you can remember three or four Shengci the . Xu's approach is very dialectics. If a start in the absence of Yin-grip case, the proposed targets are too high, the plan was not likely to be achieved, confidence will definitely dropped, even if some perseverance of people in peacetime, when also likely to back down. American scholar Mitchell, Kodak said: "in order to complete some things to start the day is very important, no matter how small these things, it gives people a feeling of success. "This feeling is no doubt conducive to persistence of excitation. Kodak, then seems to do other things for us, there will be inspired.
Zhaoduoqi112010-03-31 14:20:12 +0000 #3
you want to reinforce your goals! And single-minded towards the goal of walking
allensmq2010-03-31 14:47:39 +0000 #4
Try long-distance running.

to develop good habits, the need to cultivate a habit of more than 20 days for a cycle to itself as a not too big plan, insist on a day to do something by pressing program, it will better
715.83491 million2010-03-31 14:54:38 +0000 #5
put your computer desk wall bed mobile phones are pasted pictures of your parents always remind myself that if they pay

do justice to your game console psp mp3 mp4 have pasted pictures of your parents if you want the words to a Wanwusangzhi wonder whether you would be worthy of their
11197812812010-03-31 14:59:06 +0000 #6
First of all, you, you can go and thought your favorite sports, but it must have a coach to teach, such as Sanda, Taekwondo, so that after that is to set their own targets, do not too high, they should not too low, actually, and every completion of a goal you will feel confident, over time, you will Gaidiao of your bad habits. I think you will accomplish the goal.
pinch wins2010-03-31 16:29:59 +0000 #7
you come to a few dozen kilometers The long-distance running
Sophia Black Hole2010-03-31 16:18:16 +0000 #8
to strengthen their goals. persistent stick.



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