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How to train a large breast

135863050682010-03-31 23:11:50 +0000 #1
I am 180 tall and weighing only 62 kg. Body would also not too thin, but still a bit thin! I was boxing, and other muscles can be trained in that breast too small, bare training when I was made fun of when they are flat chest! So mind also secretly vowed to practice big breast! So please help me out of ideas! Thank you ```````
7136582010-03-31 23:14:45 +0000 #2
to chest, right? Recommended to swim, swimming, lots of exercise when diving, diving over time, lung capacity increases so that the developed robust chest up, and then as in front of these friends said that going it alone as practice.

do not know if you noticed no, vital capacity, chest basically large people are more developed, and training will be easy to breast muscle. I do not really love sports, but I really prefer swimming, As long as there is time, in the hot days are 5-6 hours nearly every day in the swimming pool, I can dive submarine more than 30 meters, so my chest is relatively developed, on the contrary I had grown very thin, so do not know who thought I deliberately practicing out of chest, Oh, a friend try it. But if you do not know swimming, then learn how to swim need to pay more careful attention to safety, and be sure to pay attention to you will be swimming with friends to tutor you Jiaoren Tour
qlkm2010-03-31 23:29:14 +0000 #3
first. you have a clear purpose to your exercise: it wants to thick chest muscle training. or just create a little Munakata. or well-developed pectoral muscles of a specific part. or make up the pectoral muscles are developed. When the express purpose of later. we must consider what action to practice what parts. such. with the usual push-ups. outside the main train chest muscle. outside the developed chest is very effective. It is the most common use of chest muscle training effectiveness method. If. just wanted to do general the chest exercise. not one of those special bodybuilding athlete. so. the campaign is the best. the most convenient. it is not 场地. to limitations. almost everywhere, can do. If. demanding it. 就how to use equipment to practice. For example: bench press. need barbell. bench press bench, etc.. but it is highly adjustable. grip from the different. practiced in different parts of pectoral. shake away from the narrow point. The closer the site of training inside. raphe can be shaped chest muscle. grip from the wide point. can be practiced. chest outside. there. parallel bars arm Shen Qu. on the chest and the lower edge of the outer edge of shape is an effective action. there. supine birds this difficult action. well developed on the chest. and. in special equipment to practice the butterfly machine. are valid. but. suggested the use of basic movements to practice. is. bench press. push-ups. and the ramp bench press (upper chest muscle exercises). there. chin up. Although the main train back muscles. But breast is still valid. (especially on the chest). The only right action choices. In fact, exercise is more important principles: [within our capabilities. step by step. "if a little careless. it will hurt. backfire. there is proper nutrition. and recovery are important factors. can not be careless.

identify the target. to find the method. perseverance. will are effective.

above. just a superficial discussion. recommended to the gym to participate in formal specialized training. that have specialized coaches and venues. equipment. effect be a success.
asjs132010-04-01 00:16:45 +0000 #4
hard to do support the government lying, specifically time to do that you can not do up, doing as much as possible down point, do not go too fast (it can stimulate the chest form the largest), so 2-3 times a day, a third group, (each time to do you do feel hand, chest swelling up a little) less than three months you will have a formidable chest of the!



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