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naughty drag drag2010-04-01 01:11:12 +0000 #1
my almost 17, standing little more than 1.60, pay attention to boys.

Now sophomore, thin body (very little meat), and short. Want to change the look.

Height a little bit of genetic factors, individual to break through, anyway, to the high point is a little

present a pair of dumbbells (removable) and chest

looking for someone to make a workout plan, long-term. Training muscle and height

do not want to do the most low class boys

they do not plan to do the General Assembly, the general out of hand, so it is not good, so looking for experienced people to help make a extremely grateful to you

sophomore had. Generally only have time to practice at night, 9:00

job usually done in class on the need to consider

hope someone can help, thanks

look in here
z4hong2010-04-01 01:19:00 +0000 #2
Generally when in the morning and evening certainly time.

1, 5:30 am to get up to run 3 km, is basically 15 minutes after 5-minute break to do some push-ups 50 squats 50 rose on the line. You are a high school student, high strength also of adaptation.

2, 9:00 pm start, before you take a bath, standing squat jump 100 knees received the abdomen to which, before there are results, the main is to exercise your leg muscles. If the beginning will be very hard to be done about 5 minutes. Do 50 sit-ups done. Exercise your abdomen. 3, to late you can depend on individual circumstances and then gradually add to. Add 3 km 5 km, the other added to the 100 on the line.

(This is for the 17-year-old students, not soldiers)



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