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Listen to what action is?

Old customers 12010-04-01 12:11:17 +0000 #1
Rapid! Thank you!
small forest dream2010-04-01 12:15:37 +0000 #2

1. (Shape sound. The word from the ears of ethics, Wang (tìng) sound. From the ears of ethics, that ear has received, this reduced to "listen". " listened to "original meaning" Xiao Mao. "mouth, catty voice. Meaning: feel the sound with ears)

2. with the original meaning [listen; hear]

listen, listen also. - "Said the text"

day, as the self-FTV, day to listen to self-creation. - "Book Taishi in the"

sheer nonsense not to listen. - "Yu-mo book"

absent-minded, blind, deaf ear. - "Book of Rites"

pedestrians stopped to listen. - "New Poems for Poetry for the Wife of Jiao"

listen to women before the speech. - Tang Du Fu's "Stone Hao official"

Ye Lan lay listening to the wind rain. - "Zi Zhi Tong Jian Tang Ji"

listen to the court.

Listening to frog one. - Of Xin "Xijiang Yue"

3. Another example: listen to know (hear); hear it (listen, feel the sound with ears); hear statements (hearsay, not based on any); listen to true (hear real) ; listen to straight (heard on the merits) 4. to accept, listen, accept [heed; obey; have a receptive ear for]

do not listen to Gua Ren. - "Warring Reichert"

so listen to it. - "Shi Ji Xiang Yu of the century"-and listen to elaborate.

One listen to Ling Yan. - "Han Guang Su Jian-chuan"

opened in San listening. - Another "Look at Several" 5. Another example: listening to people (listen to the views of others and submissive to dominate. Yu ignorance); listen to (I listen to and to adopt or appointment); listen sodium (listen to adopt; hearing remonstrance na sam ); to listen to (listen to the views of those who can afford); hear call (follow the beck and call) 6. governance, management or implementation of the transaction [administer]. 7. Such as: public hearing (the ruling; dealing with administrative affairs); hearing rule (dealing with political affairs) 8. Decisiveness; trial [proceedings] [serve as a judge]. 9. Such as: hearing decision (to listen to off, decision); hearing rule (dealing with political affairs) 10. Waiting; until [wait].

11. Such as: listening with the (pending appointment); listening to the election (appointment pending) 12. Allow, even if the [allow; let]. 13. Such as: listening to people Chuan Bi (people led by the nose. Metaphors without dominance assertive submissive); listen to their own devices (allow any human action); listening potential (allow the development of the situation changes) 14. Reconnaissance [reconnoiter]

requested that (the) king heard of the Orient Department. - "Warring States"
that is a Who's Who2010-04-01 12:20:11 +0000 #3
very arbitrary one by one action, if not deaf, almost all in action in this state. Divided into: random listening, listen carefully, concentrate intently listened with rapt attention.
Bell small dumpling2010-04-01 13:02:07 +0000 #4
points verb form of transient movement



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