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Please help me to specify a fitness program.

Qwe5326779192010-04-03 11:10:31 +0000 #1
I found a lot of online Fitness Program has said must adhere to exercise every day, but also that exercise one or two days and then rest a day.

Have said that once the whole body exercise to, and also that a special exercise a part of.

In the end how to do A?

I am 14 years old, some thin, just like the next exercise.

Please give me develop a fitness program.

Clear delineation of the time, what each exercise ... ...

If I have additional minutes is good.
patchwork JY2010-04-03 11:17:21 +0000 #2
exercise area; daily 14:00 to do sit-ups do have to make 5 groups each group limit

push-ups each night before going to bed an hour to do 15 push-ups will do the next exercise to achieve utmost to arm every morning, do not do a half-hour of skipping exercise leg height to your sake

eating: eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less greasy stuff

less than 3 months to ensure there is a very good shape
a dream of satisfying a2010-04-03 11:47:31 +0000 #3
8:00 every morning, running up, do 10 sit-noon from 12:00 to do can be done 18:00 pm to walk home do not do car home. Other times you can do some or learn some dance. Do as I say within a few months to ensure you will have a slim good body!
Kissing fish, sad2010-04-03 12:08:16 +0000 #4
School of exercise should be the main body flexibility -

Good morning, outdoor sports can be knee, shoulder and other joints and flexibility exercises - before the evening or dinner can be a slight jump of training or intermittent a combination of jogging, or running a few hundred meters a break, exercise should not be too large. Dinner or before going to sleep can not eat too much -

indoor sports can do sit-kneeling position and rope hanging from the back muscle exercises dumbbell exercise -

20-30 minutes per batch training, interval training three times a week can be. Summer swimming is good exercise -
a bottle of blue Erguotou2010-04-03 12:06:52 +0000 #5
start a comprehensive basis for practice starts playing it to 1. Jogging for half an hour each time. Have been sweating as the benchmark.

2. The necessary stretching exercises. Chest, waist rotation, arm circling, knee, ankle. 3. Use of construction equipment exercise leg room. To do some kicking exercises, strength, after the first light weight, pay attention to realize that the thigh in the development effort rather than feet. 4. Leg exercises can do a number of toes, the heel is raised, this will help the lower leg of the molding. 30 each to do, slowly, to make sense of muscle tension sufficient.

Next, practice the side kick and back kick, mainly to enhance the legs. Upper body must be upright. Kick point range as large as possible, try to relax. 3,4

done properly after going under the tensile strength of the muscle just fat, so they are not always in contraction. 5. Lumbar abdominal muscles. Sit-ups, half sit-ups do is lie down, but the shoulders do not touch the ground, hanging! ! Lying down, feeling the muscles tense up, get up a little pause. Before continuing. 4 groups of 10 each to do. If appropriate it, holding a small dumbbell, do twist to exercise both sides of the waist. 6. Do little dumbbell chest. You can completely control the use of a small dumbbell to practice chest. Opened as much as possible, each 15.4 group. Then, still using dumbbells, do pre-move, the two arms should be flat, dumbbell as far as possible near point. This will better stimulate the chest muscle. To make the curve more pronounced. 4 groups of 10 to 7. This time, the body basically activities to. Preferably slowly ran 10 minutes, let the body relax, and that is stretching, relaxation, massage the muscles of today's practice.

Action it can mimic some yoga moves, stretch, with the breathing.

Top of these exercises should pay attention to breathing, not ruthless force, and to the natural appearance, physical and psychological effects of pleasure that we go! ! Weight first see, first curve to see straight, because all changes slowly.

In fact, doing aerobics in the open run, 3 to 4 times a week, doing stretching, pay attention to a reasonable diet and lifestyle!

Personal recommendation, do more aerobic running. Learn a few yoga exercises stretching and breathing, your heart

Zhu Jiankang 2010 Shun Yi



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