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Tears ran ing, female, height 160, weight 130, Cheng seeking fitness program and diet plan (have to

ahasband2010-04-03 13:11:02 +0000 #1
reject copy and paste! ! !

I do card a few days, and now go to the gym mainly running, I would like to do light running is not ah -
, or ask you to develop a scientific and reasonable fitness programs and diet plans -

very grateful -
lilysama212010-04-03 13:22:50 +0000 #2
In fact, my personal experience, I am 172cm 96kg two months ago, I know I'm fat ....... suddenly I feel like I can not go on like this so I can not find his wife had started skipping from 1000 began the first day, plus half the jump on to die a very painful wound and then passed each day on 100 not more than four times per week, six times less than 84kg now I had a long intermediate plateau this time must adhere to

for you, you are not too fat to thin it to know where to focus first of all aerobic exercise 30min + is essential and is the instrument if the start of the run with no equipment is also very particular about certain Even if the running speed is only 7km have not Hurry up and get up and running and jogging are two concepts more slowly for an hour, then run a bit faster then the speed to take quick 3min 3min slower pace finish the rest have to drink some water to drink equipment devices and start burning fat, then you can ask specific coach is not very bad gym coach will give you a little guidance became acquainted with them on the line (but do not be disturbed a) a lot of coaches is not so pure

diet plan I have Coach told me to do the card is not to eat at night so that usually do not really want to eat at night to eat sweet or bread on a Hanamaki ok to eat at 6 o'clock before noon, do not drink enough to eat at night to eat cucumber corn that is simple but done is always difficult to know if Hill tossed away a pound to a pound, such as silk and focuses attention to detail than usual mouth torture yourself by eating apples every day you do not want to be with a rebound on the first floor of that right

there I do not say you coach what you really are, but I may have 70g of exercise videos here, but I have not once seen my weight around like the students also download these things, but basically did not see you play that is entirely virtual The House calls out the major I really want to have it to you 70g Tai Chi Weight Loss Yoga Exercise Pedal Exercise Pratt Latin dance fitness aerobics body dumbbell shaping hip-hop boot camp weight loss exercise and so the United States ...... 70g total What do you think you will see ....

last landlord Please note that weight loss is unhealthy to healthy weight loss is not worth not to be too utilitarian calculations of regular exercise per week 66 days you have the habit of exercise (ps Do not a day a week, said that once on the trip)

wish landlord in the new year to lose weight successfully -
summer half of the evening2010-04-03 13:36:17 +0000 #3
and more every day, eating late at night to sleep
Snow zzz2010-04-03 13:59:32 +0000 #4
1: cardio training program: (2-3 per week times, each 30-60 minute heart rate control (220 - your age) x80% so

2: Strength Training Plan Reference


B. 10 minutes jogging warm-up stretch target muscle (static stretch)

the first day of training in the abdomen legs sitting leg press 4 groups x10-12 times

Smith squat Group 4 x10-12 times

hamstring group held four times

x10-12 sit-ups four groups x15-20 times

oblique board sit-ups four groups x15-20 times

sit-ups 4 Swing Group x15-20 times (exercise abdominal oblique muscle movements)

hanging leg raise Group 4 x15-20 th

the third day of training in thoracic shoulder:

Lying barbell elected Group 4 x10-12 times

supine dumbbell elected Group 4 on x10-12 times

4 groups inclined dumbbell elect

on x10-12 times the birds inclined dumbbell Group 4 x10-12 times

seated dumbbell birds Group 4 x10-12 times

seated dumbbell elected Group 4 x10-12 times

Standing dumbbell birds Group 4 x10-12 times

Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 groups x10-12 times

Roman chair the fifth day of training back to come forward: 4 Group x10-12 times

T-type bar Boat Group 4 x10-12 times

wide-grip chin-up Group 4 x10-12 times

dead lift with bent knees in Group 4 x10-10 times

neck down Group 4 x10-12 times

the seventh day two and three training

seated alternate dumbbell curl Group 4 x10-12 times

one-arm dumbbell neck flexion and extension arm of Group 4 x10-12 times

EZ bar barbell curl Group 4 x10-12 times

rope under the pressure of Group 4 x10-12 times
streaming video snow2010-04-03 14:06:34 +0000 #5
more fat you should be the local bar, such as leg or waist, it is necessary first of all eat, but can not eat, I find their own way out of the fastest way is to drink plenty of water, less meat and oil like, firmly after nine at night eat anything, if hungry, then drink it, preferably a glass of fresh salt water, both for cleaning up garbage gut, There is also a good appetite for the elimination of the effect.

do not like to eat snacks, like a small cake or potato chips are not hitting like touch, because a lot of hot cards. difficult to consume.

Fitness regard, I recommend the option or Aerobics dance, and because the upper and lower body muscles to exercise a compact, large amount of sweat, the body is very good expansion for the excess body fat Yeshi play an effective control of the two campaigns on women to not only lose weight Erju Slim shaping speaking, the key is to see you personally can not insist on the matter, it can be increasingly seen to be consistently effective. I wish success!
lanyun5182010-04-03 13:39:32 +0000 #6
In fact, if we continue on OK, before I 120, go to the gym every day side riding a bicycle while playing mobile phone, running a lap, walk through the machine foot, looking at the value shown above it to see what you consume how many calories is enough
Cosmos Communications2010-04-03 15:41:33 +0000 #7
ha ha ha ah the consequences of lack of exercise
Annitadi2010-04-03 14:56:46 +0000 #8
I Nothing to see you.! only 130 only. are their own, why make things difficult themselves.! If you have to the pursuit of beauty. then eat less and stay up late. physical and mental must be Bojian Kang. daily distress bitter point. so you will quickly thin ... .. I tried height 180. weight 126! `` = =



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