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Why can not train my abdominal muscles! ! ! ? ? ?

1A2S3D4W2010-04-03 15:11:54 +0000 #1
I did weight 80KG, 175 tall thin to 71.5KG was stimulated, since the beginning on every day to do sit-ups! Beginning can only do a few 20 10 50 have been done then do about 3 months now had 50 good day to sleep! But now back to 80KG weight of the abdominal muscles or not! ! ! Exercise is not my master, please give wrong suggestions! ! !
true since2010-04-03 15:24:39 +0000 #2
Friends Hello First of all, willing to provide according to your own data, the high side of your body fat. In fact, you now have the abdominal muscles, but it had been covered up your abdominal fat. Now that your first priority should be to reduce fat, do more aerobic exercise, running is very good for aerobic exercise, 11 and 17 a day is the best time to take advantage of exercise can be more with less.

Fitness to have the concept of groups, such as breath you can do 50 sit-ups, then you can change the future, each batch of 20 Group 4 1-1.5 minutes to do.

Training the abdominal muscles move there, supine leg raise bar hanging leg raise more practice several actions to better stimulate the abdominal muscles will help it grow

hope my answer make you more love for fitness you have time to Baidu to fit it to see where you can get a better answer
Prince___A2010-04-03 15:56:48 +0000 #3
300 words a day, women were trained in out ...
Han Xiao Han who also2010-04-03 16:14:19 +0000 #4
do not blindly focus on the push-ups, give you a practice abdominal muscle action video, the effect was very good
Gao Yun Yi2010-04-03 17:07:10 +0000 #5
strength is not enough to increase the training intensity ah!
Jxph0860762010-04-03 17:04:15 +0000 #6
possibilities are many, I suggest you eat less meat, reduced fat. You do not know how much body fat percentage.

Even if you have the world's most strong abdominal muscles, but covered with a layer of fat, then do not see anything out.

Want to clear lines the abdominal muscles, sit-ups alone is not enough to meet the aerobic exercise, running, swimming, playing basketball.

There may be you do not have to train through the abdominal muscles, the so-called training through muscle soreness is to get up the next day feeling. I suggest you continue to strengthen training gradient, hold a dumbbell in the chest, each 15-20, each 4 groups, do get up there the next day feeling sore, the muscles through training so far. The main thing is to keep.



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