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How reduction thigh muscle

zuifanzhucele2010-04-04 01:10:03 +0000 #1
do not know why the muscles on the outside Tuicu

particularly in swimming height of a summer long legs or cut down so thick seek ways

also, if the muscles will go a bounce is not poor

Thank you
small nerves go an 'suck2010-04-04 01:12:57 +0000 #2

1 every night before going to sleep in bed, do Teng bike action, feet back and forth step.

2 a day to try to stand for 30 minutes, 30 minutes after a meal you can stand, while listening to music playing phone, so for time off to 3 to try to do some balancing posture, feet standing on the ground, clamping the butt gravity on the left foot on the right foot forward elevation, intact, to stand 10 seconds. If you do not like the first 5 seconds.

Foot can move left or right after the lift. Alternate legs to practice


1 to eat some bananas. Radish and other foods to 2 per day soaked with wolfberry drink of the water can.

If you are not used to drink, a cup of the day

lord, this is my experience, well, really very effective, because I am a yoga student. Those actions are our usual practice when classes. Recommend to you to try
light like2010-04-04 01:48:24 +0000 #3
upstairs landing when the soles of the feet, heels hanging, can exercise the muscles shaping the

before the kick, legs straight, kicked 90 degrees on the line, with toes, and then to recover, can not dip leg before and after.

Available online now, check. I have very thick legs, as before, thought they form, usually eat bananas ah like amount, eat less salt.

Bounce will not be bad, be satisfied.
Luo Duze2010-04-04 02:15:23 +0000 #4
skipping a day of 500, to persist in 3 months (I had much the same with your legs is very thick, but I had to lose weight)
On the next fetch water 22010-04-04 02:36:16 +0000 #5
If the body where the thigh is not only crude fat it is pear-shaped body. This figure is the most healthy body. Stature is genetic, diet lost only meat, body can not change. You can only cut from a big pear into a small pear. Or is liposuction. However, I do not recommend liposuction, pumping muscles pumping well broken up on the tragic, and liposuction generally uneven pumping. More ugly. Might as well cut into small pear is good.
Luohan46172010-04-04 02:37:30 +0000 #6
Halo ah! You will not reduce your swim leg muscle circumference. . . . This depends mainly on the breaststroke leg, or the power of swimming species. . . . .

Tell you approach it, if you do not go the gym, the best way is to run -!

To your own pace in the middle, long distance, remember to be steady running time of 25 minutes to 45 minutes.

Do not immediately after the finish to stop, but to speed away, slowly cut down the speed until the normal pace. And then immediately the whole body stretching activities, especially the main leg. (Remember, do not stop the process running, no fun when you can slow down a little, before the completion of the stretching will not sit!!!)

Muscles go on will not affect your bounce, as long as you stick to sports Your Achilles tendon is not weak, jumping will not deteriorate. Bluntly, you are now going to muscle remodeling Well -!
Dream Adventures of more than priority Williams2010-04-04 02:54:11 +0000 #7
General even muscle through specialized training as long as not all of it will have fat, then more exercise, to be aerobic, anaerobic Do not do this, and so would have become muscle. spend more time running swimming, ah, walked walked all OK, but at least to last for more than 40 minutes will start consuming. If you want better, you can go to buy an Taobao slimming pants, raincoats, the kind of material, can produce more sweat, and convenient to use than plastic wrap. so good effects. I suggest you can try.

muscular relatively trouble, does in fact adhere to a daily massage, at least half an hour, I was like , the original practice sports, now do not practice special thick legs, all the muscles, massage every day. time for a long time were effective, with a personality as collateral! But if you are fat massage will also help blood circulation, weight loss and the body are also good, I hope you also can use. night before bed is just happy, Mei Tian half an hour, the ground from edge of Xin Zang Yuan Fang Xiang De Fang massage from the heart near the aim of the blood in the back You Li Yu, reduce the swelling. make legs look a little thin.

other. After the end of each exercise should be properly relax the muscles, can be a simple thrust, do some stretching exercises. time for a long time would do her good. reduce muscle also reduce the intake of protein, because protein is the major component of muscle sources .. that is the reason why training is also Fitness People must Duo Buchong protein powder. but I do still should Jiankang mainly because the metabolism of protein pairs are equally important. Do not blindly so fast protein!

is that these friends, I hope you can play the role of some help it -



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