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The story about my writing exercise

Hapless female professors2010-04-04 02:11:11 +0000 #1
Ladies and gentlemen, I now need a "story of my training," this article, I would pay the day after tomorrow, and please you, to the articles reference! ! ! ! I was impatient - Please! ! !
dusk forest2010-04-04 02:25:16 +0000 #2
park with Jisi sleepy morning, the sun is getting out of the horizon, the gentle sun shines evenly on trees, lawn. Like throwing a handful of whom Bits of Gold. Under the banyan tree in the park, but also a scene of thriving vitality. People get up early, the sun is tempered.

In the distance, in that verdant lawn, some over seven late grandfather is name of Tai Chi. See them, although gray hair, but his face red, full of energy. You see them, right leg bow, leg kicking, again a push palm action. That demeanor is so harmonious and comfortable. Give viewers can not help the follow up.

Not far from there, there is one walker. Nail grandmother had several years, is two feet one after the other to swing forward, forehead Qinchu a thin sweat, his face was Yang Kai happy smile.

At the same time, distance, are a few similar age and my girl, are playing badminton. Their spirits are high, a spike over and hit each other by surprise. Some girls see the other side very seriously, and side view of competition, and she cried out loud for their fuel, as if they also put it among fierce competition.

Brilliant sun, several figure is running around the flower bed. They carefully ran his hands before and after a regularly arrayed, occasionally wiping the sweat that comes out a head. They Manmianhongguang, smiled, and ran forward ... ...

I watched, slowly the pace to keep up with them, I ran up and around a small flower bed. Deep breath, ah, the air was full of dew and fragrance of sun, marching the path covered with dead leaves, moving back and forth, rustling footsteps as a long period of Xiaoling.

Slowly, and I love the exercise, like the sunny morning and evening to run; in the sunny afternoon to play basketball; at a very early wake up about a few friends to go hiking on weekends; in rain where to play badminton stadium, breathing fresh air, looking for some kind of feeling. Everything is so beautiful but comfortable.

Gently to make a wish: I hope we have enough life more exercise, to create a beautiful evening, or a gorgeous morning. We are chasing, leaping, running. As long as happiness, that even the falling clouds are as beautiful. I exercise, I'm happy!
Time left2010-04-04 02:54:08 +0000 #3
Chaozuo instruments ah!



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