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Aerobics on Mental Health

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1 Introduction

now college students due to learning, career choice, economic pressures and social, school, family, personal factors and the impact of the mental burden weight, resulting in a number of psychological disorders and mental illness. Meanwhile, the students are burdened with history and the mission entrusted by the people, mental health or not, not only directly affect their healthy growth and also on the rise and fall of the country and nation. Therefore, to improve the situation, to improve the psychological health of college students can not be ignored.

Sports Aerobics is the financial and artistic, fitness and entertainment in one set of sports programs, and its unique characteristics and charm to attract a large number of students and their loved deeply. Aerobics impact human health from the point of view, has a good effect, especially for weight control, weight loss and improve body posture and enhance coordination and rhythm with good results. Therefore, it is obvious the positive impact of physical health, psychological health of students, however, what impact? In this paper, as the starting point in theory Aerobics explore the impact of mental health and improve the psychological health of college students and lifelong physical habits and create qualified personnel.

2 Aerobics features and functionality Aerobics


2.1.1 features a high degree of artistic artistry Aerobics mainly embodied in its "health, strength and beauty" feature on the project . Aerobics motor coordination, smooth, elastic, so that practitioners not only exercise the body, enhance physical fitness, but also derive a "beautiful" to enjoy, improve the aesthetic sense and artistic accomplishments.

2.1.2 strong rhythmic calisthenics loved the reason, in addition to exercise their efficacy, action sense of the times, the very important factor is the modern music to bring the energy aerobics, aerobics moves with the rhythm of the music makes a strong aerobics exercise more appealing.

2.1.3 Exercise With a wide range of adaptability in various forms, physical activity can be very flexible, easy to control, on site equipment requirements is not high, so all ages, different genders, different physical, different technologies level people are suitable for all kinds of people can exercise from aerobics find their own way, can get from aerobics exercise fun.

2.1.4 security Aerobics Fitness designed exercise load and movement rhythm, movement fully considered the feasibility of the results produced a series of stimuli to fit most people's physique, even if the constitution of the people can withstand the aerobic range. People in the flat ground, the sound of cheerful music, followed the rhythm of fast and slow and orderly exercise, is safe and effective.

2.2 features Aerobics

2.2.1 improving health beauty "Health Beauty" is a positive health concepts and modern consciousness, has been shown that "health beauty" is the most effective body to play its function of the state. A "Healthy America" who in addition to feel-good, easy to cope with daily life and work, there are plenty of energy to participate in various social, recreational and leisure activities, able to handle sudden spontaneous stress.

2.2.2 build physical beauty, especially through the power of calisthenics exercises to practice, but the thick bone, muscle circumference increased to make up the body inherent defects, people become even fit. Secondly, aerobics exercises can eliminate excess body fat and body surface to form a beautiful body posture.

2.2.3 relieve stress, entertainment, scientific research shows that: sports can relieve stress, prevent the emergence of various diseases. The aerobics as a sport, with its graceful movements, coordinated, comprehensive exercise, while there is a strong musical accompaniment rhythm known, is the ease stress of a recipe. In addition, aerobics exercise enhances people's social interaction, with everyone dancing, along with exercise and common joy, encouraging each other, make a kind of human spirit in the exercise Zhong De Dao Xiang Shou meet the psychological needs 人们.

2.2.4 aerobics in addition to health care for healthy people with good fitness effect, the for some patients, the disabled and the elderly is also an ideal means of health care. Such as paraplegia patients, can do on the ground and water aerobics aerobics to keep the upper body and promote the recovery of lower limb function. Good range of motion as long as the control and exercise, aerobics exercises in the prevention of injury can be the basis to achieve the purpose of medical care.

3. Aerobics on mental health

3.1 Aerobics help to resolve negative emotions, eliminate psychological barriers to treatment of mental illness

In the modern society, college students as learning and other aspects of the stress, frustration, pessimism may arise , negative feelings of disappointment, leading to depression, loneliness, self esteem and other psychological disorder. Research shows that sports can help people get rid of depression, pessimism and other negative emotions, reduce anxiety, eliminate depression and other psychological obstacles that they have to maintain psychological balance, to mental health. Aerobic activities of the unique content and form, making beautiful music with the students, the access to "learn" the happy feeling, "increased" sense of joy, "success" of the excitement and "won" in favor sense of satisfaction and accomplishment of these movements can resolve negative emotional experience, and has a good effect of the elimination of psychological barriers. Aerobic exercise is moderate intensity aerobic exercise, in recent years, heart health effects of aerobic exercise has been more and more scientific research confirmed that not only can reduce depression, but also long-term moderate anxiety and depression role in the treatment of mental illness.

3.2 Aerobics help to cultivate the aesthetic sense of

Artistic Gymnastics is a sport stresses, often engaged in aerobics exercises require movement to show action the United States; to appreciate music, rhythm and pace of increase sense of taste and musical, increase music literacy and music appreciation; in physical exercise, students elegant temperament, the pursuit of physical beauty. This will allow students to get an emotional catharsis was excited by the beauty and emotion, a kind of understanding from the United States, appreciate beauty, to pursue, express, create beauty, displaying the United States to experience and enjoy the beauty of the United States to meet so that the body of students quality and cultural and artistic quality to the overall increase.

3.3 Aerobics will contribute to the formation of a strong quality Aerobics

There are many movements and asymmetric upper and lower limbs with more complex movements, as well as the intensity of action, have a certain margin requirements, continued longer period of time, especially as long as more than an hour of aerobic exercises, to overcome physical limits, honing students to overcome the fatigue loading of willpower and endurance, will form a tough quality; Difficulty class action in vacating the students can exercise brave strong will. Strong musical accompaniment while under training, students often forget fatigue, and often improves the body's endurance level. Students the hard-working, perseverance, determination, courage, self-control, self-confidence and other psychological qualities to that based on the highly competitive world of the addition of a chip.

3.4 Aerobic exercise helps to improve the expression, self confidence

As the saying goes: "Heart of beauty in everyone." Although some people have noted the importance of the value of their own, but the modesty of the trouble, so that performance is inhibited. The aerobics are the skills of physical activity, which distinguishes it from other sports to aerobics as a means to provide students with a place of self-expression, and constantly inspire the enthusiasm of so into the performance behavior, to improve expression. Expressive increase will be more stable mental state, in the learning process step by step of booting, the students realize that their capacity to continuously complete the movements, but also self-confidence.

3.5 Aerobics contribute to intellectual growth, enhance innovation capability

intelligence refers to the time of completion of learning activities must have the cognitive ability of the complex, is the successful completion of one study, the basic conditions for work tasks, and normal intelligence is the basis of mental health. Often participate in calisthenics, help improve student's attention, memory, thinking and imagination, and promote brain development and utilization, enhance nervous system function and promote brain blood circulation, improve respiratory function, the brain get more nutrients, help the brain's memory and thinking in images. In addition, to a certain extent, caused by elimination of mental fatigue, improve the efficiency of learning, and to fully tap and develop the learning potential.

3.6 calisthenics exercises help to strengthen the consciousness of life, the formation of a good sports habits

colleges offering physical education aims to improve health, increase students physical fitness, health, physical and psychological training to meet the community competition and challenges, and enhance awareness of and access to lifelong exercise habits sports. With strong training effect, exercise load and difficulty appropriate, attractive aerobics exercise can stimulate students interest, will be fully involved exercise, and can achieve good results, and enhance the initiative and consciously participate in exercises, and gradually form a good sports habits, to lay a solid foundation for lifelong physical.

4 Conclusion Aerobics its unique content and form, on psychological health has a positive impact, it is the other, by any means can not be replaced. Strong in the cheerful music, you can make sense of student self-enclosed complete relief, elimination of tension, activity in a harmonious, elegant atmosphere of art can enhance communication and interaction among students awareness and desire to improve interpersonal skills. Long a certain intensity aerobic exercise, can exercise their will to promote the intellectual development of students, and self-enhancement. Organized and objective performance or competition, the enterprise can inspire students to improve mood, intense work hard and pursue a healthy and positive life goals. Through Aerobics, and foster in students a comprehensive view of health, fitness and health center put right the relationship, and promote physical and mental health of students, and active cultural life of the campus, are worthy of vigorous advocate.



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