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How some muscle training exercise

c844033582010-04-04 02:11:48 +0000 #1
I am 15 175cm 65kg

train arm muscles look abdominal leg muscle

help me to arrange one-day training program Thank you

push-ups I have Xiabu Qu ..
★ love Mickey Mouse ★2010-04-04 02:22:08 +0000 #2
Flag Hello: I suggest you buy two adjustable dumbbells about 30 kilograms (5 kg can be split into the public

.15 .10 kg kg kg .20 .30 .25 kg kg) a pay = 6 to pay (for example, a 5 kg dumbbell curl to do two, you can easily do

"12 times" more than the weight of the role of the muscle is not big, it should increase the amount of the

. muscle growth requires continuous stimulation, so important to gradually increase the negative.)

muscle training program information:

1: cardio training program: the improvement of cardiopulmonary function, is conducive to muscle growth! increased visceral function! (example: digestive system)

2 times per week, each about 20 minutes, heart rate control (220 - your age) x80% so

2: Strength Training Plan reference: (the next day training)

Every time skipping the first 5-10 minutes warm-up

and then extended to the training site

(Ci) is the number you are barely able to complete! (the number of options under the weight of)

(60-90 seconds rest between groups, rest 90-120 seconds between movements)

s chest training day

(1) Dumbbell Chest 10-12RM x3 Group


(2) dumbbell-birds 10-12RM x3 group


(3) push-ups 15-20 (times) x4 back the third day of the training group

(1 ) one-arm dumbbell row: 8-12RM (times) x4

(2) wide-grip pull-up: 8-12RM (times) x4

(3) Narrow grip pull-up :8-12RM (times) x4

the fifth day of the shoulder. Abdominal Training Day

(1) standing dumbbell-elected 10-12RM (times) x3

i49.photobucket .com/albums/f289/hhh1988/8BtU_j8.gif

(2) Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise 10-12RM (times) x3 gif

(3) Dumbbell flat held before the 10-12RM (times) x3

(4) Bend your knees give 15-20RM (sub) x3

(5) oblique tuck 15-20RM (times) x3 html

(6) "touch your toes" 15-20RM (times) x3

the seventh day of leg training days (high-intensity leg training conducive to muscle growth)

(1) dumbbell squat (holding dumbbells at your sides squat) 8-10RM (times) x3 Group = 0 & db = 0 & s = 8 & word =% C9% EE% B6% D7

(2) Dumbbell Squat 8-10RM x3 shear group

(3) 50-meter dash X4 times (it is convenient)

9th day of 23 training days

(1) supine after the support :10-12RM x3 Group / 11/17/0000199901.gif

(2) seated flexion and extension arm posterior arm: 8-12RM (times) x3 Group . gif

(3) overlooking the legislative arm flexion and extension: 8-12RM (times) x3 Group

(1) bend overlooking the sitting quote: 8-12RM (times) x3 Group

(2) standing dumbbell hammer curl 8-12RM (times) x3 Group

(3) alternate curl dumbbell seated :8-12RM (times) x3 Group


arms on the move too far and then forced under pressure to both sides or inverted pole twice daily and 20-30

single parallel bars to sit in his legs flat bottom support to support the body with both hands stretched up and down movement

arm strength device. extension spring can increase arm strength but also other nutrients must persevere to keep the saying goes, boxing is not a good * practice. to the old get the job.
sword and sobbing roots2010-04-04 02:19:39 +0000 #3
daily push-ups or do, that is the most basic, more running, doing sit-ups, or to the gym, a month effect is quite obvious.
71750272010-04-04 02:23:53 +0000 #4
If you only want to have muscle, it absolutely can not eat every day had finished with oil food, cooking can not!

and ate only boiled eggs, and also to eat do not eat egg yolks! do at least two hours a day

the power to do a start from the basic, first warm-up and then do strength. Slowly increase the power!

This is the fitness training must be done!
mikelovekl2010-04-04 04:01:56 +0000 #5
push-ups also need chest muscles.

suggest that you directly go to the gym Well, there are professional coaches, there are many fitness companion. Comparison between practice will be motivated, better than one blind you and learn well.

timid to pull together with a friend or colleague to practice.
paste zero2010-04-04 03:21:42 +0000 #6
in fact my personal experience, more swimming is a good choice, it not only all aspects of training your muscles, but also the plasticity of the benefits of
dreams than the excellent Sri Lankan Adventure2010-04-04 03:08:27 +0000 #7
If light to practice an obvious arm muscles, then I suggest that if able to do so go to the gym, no conditions, then you can at home to do push-ups, but the push-up position There are two possible training to different parts of muscle, it has been elbow: the elbow and processing into open elbow push-ups, push-ups to open most of the elbow can exercise to the triangle (also known as muscle bulk of muscle), triceps and big chest muscles and abdominal muscles, but increases in the elbow ("plus elbow" in practice means that as you clamp the shoulder position parallel bars, in order to do a good job of course, push-ups than ordinary difficulty opening the elbow), elbow push-ups push-ups can open more than exercise to more obvious biceps. there is hope landlord will perseveringly obvious arm muscles..



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