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When I pulled hamstring muscle ligament superhard always feel that they could not pull open, who can

want to do the splits people2010-04-04 09:10:39 +0000 #1
My primary school track and field school team, ran two or three years further, very thick thigh muscle fat lot but I do not
dhyaoxia2010-04-04 09:13:26 +0000 #2
mainly have degrees, pull in great pain, but can not strain, the best coach asked. But I know that after practicing every day with hot water deposited at the thigh, so much better, but also the first warm-up before the pull Oh - `
8755067812010-04-04 09:32:36 +0000 #3
Daily insist pull ligament
Glass Yin2010-04-04 09:28:34 +0000 #4
do not know your age, do not know to draw horizontal or vertical fork fork, but basically, after junior high school is not opened on the pull, "frog legs" you would do, very painful very useful, huh, huh, see for themselves. . .



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