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Hao Thai fitness how can such a lie it

yulilishidan2010-04-04 09:10:52 +0000 #1
I was in September 2008 in Beijing Changping Stadium Hao Thai gym membership card

do to prepare for one more year at cards, because a few months later to return to Dalian, a
, but not in Beijing I do card to say there are several Dalian Hao Thai gym, go back to the future Which can be easily transferred, so do the three-year card.

A few months to prepare to switch back to Dalian card, can not simply transfer a call to Beijing Changping shop, the staff told me: can not switch to Dalian, it was the consultant said membership can be transferred, are not they the company said.

After consultations, the settlement is: can not drop cards, allow me go through stop card, and gave me the card sold. Let me other phone call, so I'll wait ... ...

half a year has passed, calling to ask how kind of treatment, and told me not to sell to, continue, etc ... ...

one year later, I called again, the work officers told me that my card simply did not stop, has been in use.

I asked my recharge time of year to use the card. Because it is not my responsibility. N

I called the phone, steward's simply not answer the phone, and finally sent a membership consultant for my answer: time to resolve this matter the person you quit, we have no way to give you a look your friend, that year and certainly can not fill. Sorry ah ---

I was speechless, and this too bully people, do not they such a big company no one control you

Mrbetter2010-04-04 09:24:26 +0000 #2
. . . Very bad indeed. But you do not have the telephone recording, and left behind, I do not know how to solve.
Chang magistrate2010-04-04 09:18:13 +0000 #3
only blame themselves silly to the extreme, that they are Industrial and Commercial Bank of China throughout the country.

Uncle Zhao major transformation, from boredom to interest 忽悠 workplace fraud!

Spring Festival Evening Pieces major leaks (those responsible had already been dismissed):

Uncle Zhao, small Shenyang, Fan Wei, Cai Ming bursting cooperation Pieces "recruitment scam" help you see through all kinds of recruitment scam!

Face severe employment situation, 2010, ironically, in the deception business recruitment status!

The image of Uncle out of farmers, horse owners Reloaded; Fan Wei, the embodiment of top in the workplace, was 忽悠 very hard to detect.

Boss table large posters, screen background is South China tiger, wrote: Markov whitening professional only for the woman. Do you have "ambitions" it? You want to be "master" it? You want to be "boss" it? Markov International is the peak of your life into "platform", "space" and "South"! Join internationally renowned beauty and Technology Group, planning, design several require full-time undergraduate degree or above. Here are two medals, "Extreme Beauty Awards."

Cai: Ma Dong, bad, and our Markov whitening products are industrial and commercial investigations as a failure, it is on-line publicity.

Ma: What the hell? Mo Ji Mo panic. There ah, what Ma Ma Dong Dong, said the number of times, and in front of people called the chairman of the board, in the office called jiu! Do not know what I thought the toilet has leaks.

Cai: jiu, that Zaban it?

Horse: another name, redesigned the packaging, once the New Year, and Gao Ge promotion gradually getting better. (See advertising art) on the change called Tiger Whitening Essence!

Cai: ye do promotions?

Ma: Do you recruit people?

Cai: afternoon interview, done in 500.

Ma: That gave him a few white, so he planned to write a program, more than 3,000 words.


Fan: Now working hard to find, some time ago on the Internet send your resume more than 180 copies, only received eight telephone interviews, three or unsolicited, are known as an international financial group, made credit cards, selling insurance, illegal foreign exchange speculation. Recently it, simply a no, I thought cell phone broken, and played a couple of their own number. Economic crisis came, liar and thief team also expanded. Have to guard against those who steal money through the recruitment of, any money, nothing has not. Package bullish, the money grab, took the phone Do not give the run!

(SMS tone) Thank you for your candidates Ma Enterprises International Group advertising campaign post, at 2 pm today to interview the International Building, 18th floor.

Fan: It sent the message was very timely Oh, yesterday came to the phone.

Cai: Hi, Ma international.

Fan: Hello, I have come to interview.

Cai: Yes, we have also exam questions, you just do some. Answered the post, here are our chairman of media articles, you should carefully read. We then chairman of the board shall personally interview.

(Read the voluminous newspaper clippings)

Tsai: read it? Your way, please.

Ma: I read your program, really did not expect.

Fan: did not expect? Did not think it is good or bad ah?

Ma: I mean all you see, I still boss?

Ma: I first introduced to the company's situation. Ma Group headquarters in Los Angeles, 98 years into China, in 2002 the company set up Markov future laboratory, dedicated to life sciences, genetic engineering and health and beauty research. Our strategy is to use 3-5 years in the U.S., Japan to establish five branches, with 3-5 years to establish 15 branches in China, joining 88 core business, to provide professional services to global customers. In this process of rapid development, talent is our greatest desire, I still believe that the most valuable investment in one minute is a minute of staff. Buffett said that life is like a snowball, it is important to find a long slope. I believe you young people to succeed Markov International is the longest road slope.

Fan: climbing ah.

Ma: What are your strengths?

Fan: planning.

Ma: That 4 trillion know? 4 back so many zero, give us a few zero planning?

Fan: What are the major state project, estimated to not work.

Ma: Markov international sales this year will exceed 8 billion, and our goal is five years into the world five hundred! As a business leader, and entered into what Williams list, several years into that what Williams did not list the.

Fan: Forbes?

Ma: Sri Lanka on that. The company has entered the market countdown! What Spartak to the United States that it is our countdown to 2000 days to celebrate the listing photos.

Fan: Nasdaq?

Ma: Yes, into Nasdaq.

Fan: You so, 2000 is the day I calculate how many years?

Ma: say nothing forget, we want everyone to know Ma Earth International to market, and (come up with a Poluo) See, opening knock the gong are ready.

(Brought gong to see) Fan: a bit familiar? Monkey, it?

(Program to Cai) horse: for candidates designed to allow him to make the design issued in accordance with the planning program, said he investigated the idea right. A mule is a horse, pull out a walk.

Ma: Quiz your power of observation. If ah, if you have large amounts of property can not explain, how can you say?

Fan: There we get at real estate speculators in the chanting.

Ma: re-test you ability to judge. You take the elevator up, on the first floor to 10 floor elevator entrance on each floor have stood a diamond, diamond sizes. Each floor elevator door will open once, only to take a diamond, and asked how to get the biggest sinking?

Fan: Great to quickly get their pleasant for it, if it lifts out of trouble? Case of power failure it?

Ma: Do you answer the interview ah must pause for 2 seconds, make sure to understand what I mean.

Cai: You send to the SLC the last two of the problem?

Ma: Meisha mean, I let him sleepwalk back.

Ma: You Yousha questions to ask?

Fan: What is the company's annual leave?

Ma: annual leave? Chinese New Year holiday ah? Of course.

Cai: He said that the paid leave.

Ma: Paid? Does not work? I have never received such a leave for employees. In our city, Saturday to go to work Do not you know?

Fan: How the contract is signed it?

Ma: a sign for one year, six months probation.

Fan: law, one year contract, the probation period can not exceed 2 months.

Tsai: New labor law, three-year contract before the trial period of 6 months.

Ma: That sign for three years, signed ten years no problem, six months probation.

Cai: at least ten years after signing a permanent contract is up.

Ma: ah? There are no fixed time limit? What sort of law.

Ma: Then three years, faster in the first year of full time leave him feel boring.

Cai: If he still find it interesting?

Ma: If he still has fun, then I think you senseless.

Horse: Your imagination Zeyang?

Fan: last night had a strange dream: New Year approached, I asked people to kill the cow, the results After killing, slaying oxen, and the let me take a few pieces of meat and leave; I refused and took a lot of meat, also sat eating a few beef hot pot dish, and finally left a number, gave him.

Ma: I may be the slaying oxen, and the. Your salary requirements?

Fan: 3000 or more.

Ma: our jobs, do the annual salary of thousands, certainly more than 4000 of the monthly discount. First so that today, did not you what matter, and go back to listen. New Year approached, work hard to find, spending is also indispensable. Those who collect the money through the recruitment of be careful ah. What pick you up, let your assistant to pick, so the interview with laptop, cell phone money and robbed cheated to be careful.

Fan: Thank you for your reminder. Goodbye.

(Fan below) (Shen on)

Shen: Chairman, this treatment and had Why do not you say the same?

Ma: Why do not the same?

Shen: I asked you to pay if paid on time, you say "of course." I ask you whether attendance is very strict, you say "look at the situation that sometimes can be flexible."

Ma: You must remember correctly, you asked me whether attendance is very strict, I said of course. You asked me whether wages paid on time, I said that to see the situation, and sometimes can be flexible.

Shen: I asked you to have car stickers, rice paste is the meal allowance, travel allowance, you answered, "Why, yes, definitely are higher than the peer!" I asked the company to work overtime more than you have heard, you said " impossible, Who told you? "
Ma: Are you sure they remember. You asked me whether the company overtime, I told you, "Why, yes, definitely are higher than the peer!" You asked if I had meal subsidies, transportation subsidies, my answer is "No, who told you?"


(phone rings)

Tsai: jiu, the property that do not pay rent and utilities, they will wind up its, moving chairs and tables. Country?

Ma: country? Pack up, this place is also tired of living, the table to them better. Afternoon on the move.

Cai: if someone ask this question?

Ma: say to comfort lonely elderly nursing home, warmth, a little bedding, fruit gradually getting better.

Cai: property after it found Zanza Ban?

Ma: rest assured. I signed the contract on a horse master! Not Mada Shuai! That beat the tiger with farmers to learn.

Ma: brisk walking.



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