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What hepatitis B patients can exercise the muscles?

chen67582010-04-04 09:11:16 +0000 #1
I am hepatitis B positive, the virus did not, and transaminases are normal! Oh are not satisfied with their body, to exercise a little muscle up! Do not know can not exercise
rfa82622010-04-04 09:20:48 +0000 #2
You are ignorant ah

HHA is: the virus is copied! ! ! !

I am also a citizen more than a decade B

I love sports, what sport

but it does not hurt the liver,

This requires self exploration, summed up the experience of a TAO

Games to make the body produce a "purine" This material

substances in certain foods also You

its liver damage is very large

Yi Qian, I often after exercise, immediately produces "Gan coma"

Dan Xianzai I have the experience, learn the Dian Qi Gong, guided

in after exercise, the body of toxic lead out of the body,

movement can not be too fast, to the appropriate

I eat a pine pollen export license 6 years, with the Songhua partner

Of course, the infinite product can be considered very

can not know to eat random drink, what to eat to be particular about Temperance

You have to learn several years for
QQ6706717112010-04-04 10:01:10 +0000 #3
liver function normal circumstances, the appropriate exercise is allowed, exercise can improve the physical quality and resistance to autoimmune hope your health is more health.



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