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In the leg tie sandbags as a whole? Did not exceed the amount of time each day?

985985892010-04-04 11:11:35 +0000 #1
Such as the title I now three days of the faces in the entrance exam need to make efforts to enhance long-distance running long jump Nengli had wanted from the morning to tie into the night afraid to cause any negative impact about to tell my next sandbags Haochu Also if you have to Bang's Hua day Bu Chaoguoduojiu be considered good ? Thank you, the
Sugar End Cat 22010-04-04 11:16:43 +0000 #2
I was high and one has just experienced a physical examination do not know if you add about what my opinion is: can tie, do not help too much and tries 小 (2 to 3KG so), do not buy the kind of STAR, the kind of walking can, run up and will drop foot and can not adhere to a few days!

On the body to no negative impact on ..... because it is short

but the most important thing is to practice ..... more personal to our class usually runs 1,000 meters is 5 and a half minutes of his parents asked sports teacher 1,000 meters of a holiday train 4 minutes 10 seconds ...... very scary

such school a teacher trained in the morning + evening led to hold on + eating beef, protein powder should have no problem! ! !



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