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Muscles once a day can do

073961487202010-04-04 14:10:45 +0000 #1
I 171CM, 53KG is a typical thin before, so I do not want another such day, and I want to be a little obvious change in a short time, I would have enough time within a month, I am also a gym membership, I would like to ask me in a month fitness program Section unscientific, there is no harm to the body! (Below) to 1 fitness training once a day, once for a half an hour to two hours.

2 the first day of exercises the arm and shoulder, chest and legs the next day to practice, alternately to contact is not going to repeat the contents of two days, the muscles time to rest, if I can one day off a week. 3 I linked the timing of the daily 3:00 to 5:00 had finished, then go eat.

These are my preparations for the implementation of the fitness program, I just want to know scientific subjects, will not effect the end. . . Thank you a ..
zhgf8475559452010-04-04 14:15:03 +0000 #2
En very scientific I believe you have a lot of online check it! Eat more beef. Potatoes. Tofu. Milk. Eggs. Cheeses

increase in point weight! Not too skinny type!
Oo53532010-04-04 14:49:03 +0000 #3
you can guarantee the accuracy of your movements on the line.
Air Carter2010-04-04 15:17:30 +0000 #4
Yes, but make sure you keep up the protein intake, the basic may need at least 60g a day. Then there enough sleep
hhxkss2010-04-04 14:54:02 +0000 #5
No, muscles can not be practiced too often, muscle recovery is not yet complete compensation lost another loss, this will only become stronger thin, you'd better practice a day every other day, every time training a large muscle group a week for a loop, of course, pay attention to add protein and more attention to the rest



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