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I am going to solve】 【percentage of fitness programs ask you to give me suggestions!

Exercises the chanting2010-04-04 18:10:19 +0000 #1
I am 25 years old, weight 60KG, the gym 20 days.

Is a training day every other day. Squat except squat is 2 times a week.

Training legs (intended to increase the dead lift):

squat: 8 groups, 10 → 15 pcs / set, select the 40 → 45KG,

train back to:

chin-up: 5 groups, 10 → 15 pcs / Group

neck down: 5 groups, 10 → 15 pcs / set, select 40KG.

Sitting row: 5 groups, 10 → 15 pcs / set, select 40KG.

Training chest:

barbell bench press: 8 groups, 10 → 15 pcs / set, select 35KG → 40KG

sitting Chest: 5 groups, 10 → 15 pcs / set, select 40KG,

sitting clean and jerk: 5 group, 10 → 15 pcs / set, select 40KG,

training arm:

push-ups: 10 groups, 15 / group.

Training the abdomen:

sit from the Block: 5 groups, 20 / group

I want to ask are:

1, but also the lack of? Or which items are redundant?

2, 60KG weight in my view, be regarded as inferior to my level? The lower, or the next? 3, 60KG weight in my view, squat, bench press, dead lift the limit is the number of KG? 4, I practiced for 20 days, but why an increase of only about 5KG? Not to say that just began to increase rapidly it? 5, to practice two to three months, my squat, bench press, dead lift will increase the number?

Note this: at this stage, 40KG for me is not no light weight. If 45KG on the heavier, 35KG and light, so only selected 40KG.

jontyzhang2010-04-04 18:22:38 +0000 #2
push-ups and sit-ups

arm muscles so much, how could it with a sit-ups?

Triangle, brachial two of these have got to the humerus 3

abdominal muscle is to weight-bearing exercises

large number of multiple weight slowly to explore their own training methods
biejunlei82010-04-04 18:51:10 +0000 #3
1. Training arm push-ups are unnecessary should be replaced and supine brachial two curl barbell curl. Not only do abdominal sit-ups, you have not got to the lower abdomen, lower abdomen should be increased action, such as lying leg raise.

2. Because they do not know your height, but look at the weight you use, you have a lack of strength is the reason because you just started training. 3. Read reports, more than 50 KG of foreign body weight squat the weight of the maximum weight of up to 6 times. Bench press and dead lift is not so great. 4. Do not be so anxious to find their own way, just started practicing, pay attention to the standards movement. If your weight has not changed, increased 5KG is normal. 5. The good forecast, you can re-training of two weeks, then increase the training volume, a good training partner to help you find the protection you can bear with a big weight training.



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