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Rope skipping which side can enhance the capacity of

Cjhhjcj2010-04-04 18:10:31 +0000 #1
had to see a sports advertising, like Nike or Adidas, which Paul in rope skipping, skipping I ask where the movement can enhance the capacity? Contribute to basketball?
tsjnw2010-04-04 18:16:58 +0000 #2
rope skipping can increase the person's heart function, respiratory function, blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore, can significantly enhance the people's explosive power, endurance, concentration, self-control, thinking. Whatever the athletes, will the rope as a basic training. Little giant Yao Ming, Kobe Bryant skipping a required course each day. Rope Puzzle Fitness
allan_5182010-04-04 18:16:07 +0000 #3
Jumping ability

vital capacity coordination
123sunyixian2010-04-04 19:18:41 +0000 #4
rope skipping can help strengthen the legs and abdomen, I suggest you load rope skipping, so you will be more effective, I load skipping 2 years, I can deduct ordinary basket that, if you like basketball, I suggest you always weights.



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