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How can I do to muscles lines

not pull Shuai2010-04-04 20:11:19 +0000 #1
I want out of my abdominal muscles to exercise, home exercise their right

what can you recommend me
loveNOevol2010-04-04 20:24:41 +0000 #2
abdominal muscles is the most difficult muscles practiced, but the training method really simple. And various other muscles, even without any fitness equipment that it can be good exercise.

My own experience is divided into two parts by the abdominal muscles, the abdominal muscles to train with the volume of abdominal and lower abdominal muscles from the legs to practice with. I say this is in the home, if going to the gym, have better posture and equipment to practice.

Volume abdominal sit-ups is half the upper body 45 degrees to play on it, not to 90 degrees. Fist hand on some semi-double ear, half fist to fist his hand is faster, but not hard to make a fist, hand of the state of bending. In addition to the abdominal muscles and relax all body muscles, be sure to focus on the abdominal muscles, abdominal muscles so that the more intense the better.

From the legs, can sit and practice, you can lay training, can grasp frames (horizontal bar) practice, much the same, that is, legs to lift up when sitting knee to 90 degrees, lay training legs to straight, grasp the horizontal bar to tighten up training legs (leg is and when people may have to squat).

Remember to focus attention on the abdominal muscles and relax the other muscles. Had finished the abdominal muscles have to be a sour Caidui. No tricks, do not focus on quantity not necessarily more effective. All do every day 5 groups of 20. This can be a basic, feel very relaxed after the re-use all means to load to do (to tie things simple).

As for the "muscles lines", which is considered intermediate fitness again. Mainly by reducing the subcutaneous fat, and use of the gym's individual strength training machines to carve the details of the muscles. Now do not take into account.

Rope skipping, push-ups, pull-up, sit-ups, at home in a very effective exercise. Note to eat more protein, eat less fat, eat junk food.



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