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Stimulate the feet up, up to the outside of the calf muscle where starting and ending point?

Kinkin_2122010-04-04 20:11:25 +0000 #1
Mother after the formation of hemiplegia cerebral hemorrhage, now released from the hospital recovering from the training, the use of physical therapy apparatus for electrical stimulation, want to hook up his left foot and the lateral side, starting and ending point should be to stimulate the muscles where? Please say about it, I checked the human muscle chart, should be starting and ending point of the anterior tibial muscle? --- What are experts? ? Thank you pointers.
Department Store Building2010-04-04 20:14:31 +0000 #2
feet up the Application List is full dorsiflexion movement, active muscle is the anterior tibial muscle,

of the muscle from a tibial condyle and tibial external side of one half of the interosseous membrane,

only point is within the wedge-shaped bone the medial and plantar first metatarsal base;

to the lateral side is the ankle eversion movement, active muscle is the peroneus muscles,

starting point is the outer side before and fibula, fibula head and tibial condyle,

TDC is the first and fifth metatarsal and the base and within the wedge-shaped bone.

How do you say, anatomy is studied medicine and exercise basic common sense ah, you can find this information to look at, or consult a doctor or a professional fitness coach it.



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