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37355486442010-04-05 00:10:50 +0000 #1
Fitness ancestors you, I student 17 years old, very thin - - bones are quite thin, like to take a holiday practice very muscular, usually go to school there used to love to do chin-up exercise, have some foundation, is now ready to buy weights to train the muscles , to the site of plastic does have brachial two chest shoulders and back, would like you to help me design the next Ha, what specific action site, the number of a group, the number of groups, thank you, oh! There are multiple good dumbbell I buy?
wutaixuek2010-04-05 00:21:28 +0000 #2
Potato Search: "Dumbbell Fitness A0-A9" - (10 个 dumbbell application video tutorial ...)

absolutely have to see the 10 video!

- First master the training methods! - Own design Group Number .- Devil tempered my last 1 month, tired and not long muscles.

watched the video tutorial, it suddenly occurred to him big mistake! - Bailian 1 month .....

you want to buy multiple ? - dumbbell dumbbells can have multiple combinations can not open ... buy ... buy a combination of dumbbells ...

--- 3-4 layers, reduce the two can increase the
...( 4 layer combination of dumbbells) $: 90, I bought the time. (bought a few years ago should now be much more expensive)

Do not buy ... buy a good fixed dumbbells can add to the combination of reduced dumbbell
restrained and Guben2010-04-05 00:21:50 +0000 #3
buy a 30 kg plastic bag, Taobao chest on about 100

Quick to do push-ups within 1 minute supine dumbbell push Exhaustive

3 groups, each bird 10-12 3

dumbbell supine group n = 10-12 months

3 Incline dumbbell on each group 10-12

dumbbell climbing birds three groups of 10-12

brachial 2:

Dumbbell Alternating Curl 4 groups 10-12 (standing or sitting)

arm squat curl 4 groups, each 10-12

scoliosis give 4 groups of 10-12 months (standing or sitting)

Reverse Alternating Curl 4 groups 10-12 (standing or sitting)


pull-up 3 groups of 10-12

bent over rowing 3 groups of 10-12 months

Hard pull 3 groups 10-12


dumbbells sitting elected four groups of 10-12

dumbbells before standing flat on four groups of 10-12

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 groups stand n = 10-12

bent birds 4 groups, each 10-12


sit-ups three groups, each 15-30 months

fitness ball abdominal volume 3 groups, each 15-30 months

leg raise abdominal volume 3 groups of 15-30 months

air boarding three groups of 15-30

Gong Santou also need to change with exercise, or brachial two arm training only is not enough

Gongsan head :

bent arm flexion 4 groups, each 10-12

Sitting arm flexion 4 groups after 10-12 months

supine support four groups, each 10-12

dumbbell neck flexion and extension arm of Group 4 , each dumbbell 10-12

These are the projects to be completed, the optional harness training three to four projects, the training of other non-trained four projects will get better results. dumbbells the weight adjusted to their current period to complete the current action of the best weight, each action over 12 on the lighter note. less than eight illustrated heavier.

Exercise can be divided into

Monday: chest and Gongsan Head

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Behind the brachial 2

Thursday: Closed

Friday: shoulders and legs (can take points, or weight-bearing lunge squat, 100 m Run, etc.)

Abdominal exercises can be every day. selected two projects, Note that the effect of

belly ring is such basic plan, all of the training plan is not Yichen unchanged, and that when you exercise a certain need to plan, this will work best, hope these help you. If there do not understand can ask me.



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