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Lying dumbbell training elected which part?

wowosslili2010-04-05 01:11:22 +0000 #1
I am 180 tall. 143 kilograms of it. Bought a pair of dumbbells. A 28 kilograms. Current adaptation to 22 kilograms. Get up early to do 7-8 group. A group of 15. 5-6 night group. Is 15. I check in online. Dumbbell elected is that the thickness of the chest and thoracic groove? can practice Pectoralis it? to professional answer. do not look to copy. Thank you
solomonqq2010-04-05 01:15:47 +0000 #2

Dumbbell training is flat elected pectoralis major. You said communication including chest chest, as duck breast from the shoulder to the breast center is the radial shares, so broken down, then divided into the upper chest, middle and lower pectoral chest muscle.

Whether it is flat dumbbell bench press, bench press or barbell plate against the increase in the thickness of the chest muscle (note the whole). Well, professional bodybuilder type to make the breast muscle (or called separation) tend to perfect, so take advantage of different training methods to target the upper chest, middle and lower chest to chest muscle training alone, if not a professional bodybuilder is not necessary points so thin.

Segment, then several actions are targeted:

1. I just said, dumbbell flat bench press, barbell flat bench press, push chest sitting devices are targeted to increase the thickness of the chest.

2. Dumbbell chest muscle against the lateral edge of the birds (that is, the side near the arm).

3. Cross the rope pulling and equipment clip brooch on the chest ditch.

4. Dumbbells and barbells oblique oblique pushed pushed against the upper chest.

5. Dumbbells and barbells oblique oblique push down push down against the lower chest.

Probably these actions.

In addition, you say "get up early to do 7-8 group. A group of 15. 5-6 night group. Is also a 15" is every day to do this? Repeat this training a week or two?

If you are the amount of exercise a day is definitely too much, to give time for muscle repair and growth, stubbornly high intensity training would be counter-productive, chest circumference is not growing faster, it will slow down.

I suggest you this week for a maximum of two chest training is sufficient.

Group number is correct, but best to keep the number of each group in the 8-12 times, 15 times too high and purely to muscle, then to keep the 8-12 times, and protect the 7-8 Group Two group to exhaustion. This is for the purpose of increasing muscle.

Also, pay attention to a certain period of time in training intensity, in other words, is to look at the unit time through high intensity training for the muscles to extreme congestion, not to prolong the time limit. Specifically, a break between each group and each group up to not more than one and a half minutes, in order for their muscles to fully congestion, the purpose of maximum muscle stimulation. Otherwise, each break or long, or short, even if you do the day 50 group are not very good results. Important is the training intensity per unit time, rather than the amount of your total amount of training the whole day.

Thank you!
Game Ren room2010-04-05 01:59:34 +0000 #3 D3% CE% 91% EF% F4% 81% BC% E4/album/item/63e08c56b3c89f76d009061e.html

This is the flat dumbbell bench press and is mainly practiced thickness pectoralis major, triceps (arm muscles in the back)

training chest with push-ups you can combine to practice. Good results of



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