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To strengthen the muscles and lose weight, find the exercise schedule!

combat Sanda2010-04-05 02:10:44 +0000 #1
Let me first say that I am now, weight 93 kg, height 180, is very fat person, I had very strong muscles are very thin, but now in addition to leg muscles, no, I would like to re-training back 70 kg, hoping muscles, and I hope who can tailor a workout for my schedule, I am 6 am, the line 10 to sleep, food now I have to normal controls, but weight not see down.

I can do five push-ups, 25 sit-ups, I have two 9 pounds of dumbbells, (preferably can also explain how to do it next) I just get a table like this!

7 What exercise, rest and exercise how long what

8:00, rest long

you know?

If I could from the current 93 kg, 1 month reduced to 75, I gave 150 yuan, if reduced to 70 kg a month, I gave 200 yuan, if the 2 months reduced to 70 kg, I gave 100 .

(A statement, so long as not too excessive, I can hold on)

(not copied, as long as the practice had useful)
oyo52010-04-05 02:27:09 +0000 #2
Sanda you to practice it, 3 months to ensure thin, see you point of origin as and Sanshou have it, I was training Sanda, though a bit fat, but a muscle!
Guiyang Liu2010-04-05 02:27:29 +0000 #3
My sister studied medicine, and once I was fat, she told me: "You're a very successful weight loss."

I can not remember how much I reduce the number of

I do

every After waking up one morning to get to park, very relaxing kind of run around 500M

and then in the park doing exercise - --- are soil-and then go to work - eat - work - Entertainment - sleep

I'm such a reduction. . .

But if you want muscle, then it should enhance their exercise of the

I think running is the best exercise body muscles. . .

Hope you have help
wc before I 1232010-04-05 03:27:14 +0000 #4
I 183, but I only 68KG, my rival is fat, so I just do not tell you how to lose weight -
oo53532010-04-05 03:35:12 +0000 #5
posts here are copied, you will see to all sorts of behind the so-called plan you want.
Pattyljp2010-04-05 03:31:08 +0000 #6
landlord, you seem very strong desire to lose weight, but I remind you, as you requested can not lose weight as it is unscientific. Fast weight loss, body good, but easy to rebound. The 7:00 train you what, 8 practice what is mean? 24 hours are you prepared to lose weight? Do not just look at how much weight reduction burden is important that the body fat down, and physical condition. Reduced to one month, as you say 70 kg, very simple, a marathon every day, are less than 70 kg.

Yes, you too little equipment, to practice the system of exercises the muscles or to the gym or at least come back to buy the Deputy adjustable dumbbells.

Now that I give you the training program, not for quick, but to adhere to.

Wake up every morning, drink a small cup of cold water, then dressing, washing, do not eat, go for a run 1000m, back rest 20-30 minutes before meals.

Afternoon to jogging 20-40 minutes (just started running 20 minutes, the adaptation plus time) and then do strength training.

If at home: an adjustable weight dumbbells, a rug on the list!

Carpet to exercise the abdominal muscles (2 cases), and latissimus dorsi (push-ups) also erector spinae (Prone back arch), can be caught if you can find is that you can find a place to practice pull-up, exercise the latissimus dorsi is the best

dumbbells to train chest (supine birds), biceps (arm flexion), trapezius (shoulder load to mention), deltoid (standing bird) quadriceps (weight-bearing lunge away) leg Triceps (weight-bearing toes)

This is basically a

large muscles had finished the first group: chest, abdominal, trapezius, quadriceps

II: latissimus dorsi, biceps, deltoid, triceps, erector spinae

one day only training a group of muscles, your physical activity according to their arrangement. As every muscle training three groups of 8-12.

If at the gym: there are a lot of equipment, you can consult a fitness coach, my training methods to him and let him under the gym equipment, you will practice the finer points.

Note: I said that jogging is running to keep your heart rate 120-160 beats / minute. Do not try running on a treadmill, track and field at school is the best, if not the school, throw in the road race, pay attention to vehicles, wear good shoes shock absorption.

If you meet your request, I also do not want your money, you put more money buy some beef, milk, eggs, eat more after exercise, they will be better after a meal to eat right. Muscle after exercise do not forget to relax! !
Demons Miyaji2010-04-05 04:18:53 +0000 #7
after getting up every morning to get to park, very relaxing kind of run around 500M

and then in the park doing exercise - --- are soil-and then go to work - eat - work - Entertainment - sleep

I'm This reduced. . .

But if you want muscle, then it should enhance their exercise of the

I think running is the best exercise body muscles
Fox dear friend2010-04-05 04:36:07 +0000 #8
This guy, I said you do not scold me, I want to tell you, you want to reduce body fat is not, is less psychological fat, you simply lose weight is to become handsome, let other people to accept you? In fact, appearance, body are Diema given, was born this way, I am not handsome, and very thin, I was born this way, is to attend a lecture to me I have a long fat meat is not fat, if fat people born drink point of cold water on the fat. If not handsome, even fat, how it? They have skill, and still cattle B.

Well, gossip said, and you want to lose weight, you have to do 200 push-ups a day, 200 squat and then stand up, but not one done, done every few minutes, so better that the two project you must adhere to do, you light a muscle does not work, you have to practice Sanda, Sanda I was training, I have only 1.70 tall, muscle is very small, but it is not blowing, is a hard fist born, I now can play two and a half brick.

I hope you lose weight successfully!
H283156613g2010-04-05 04:47:29 +0000 #9
eat less sleep, more exercise!



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