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Ask Daren: weight gain powder and the use of muscle powder

Ddydw2010-04-05 07:11:27 +0000 #1
35 years old, Height: 1.75 Weight: 130 pounds nearly. Always feel a bit thin.

Fitness for three years. Over the past year for Latin learning and training (daily average of one hour).

Normal diet and rest are more attention, but by strong results were less pronounced.

More recently, think about trying to use the weight gain powder or flour to increase muscle weight. (My dream weight 150 kg).

Ask you Daren:

1, I should choose pink or muscle weight gain powder.

2, please keep pushing what brand, or a trusted online shop.

Thank you very much!
wheyzl2010-04-05 07:15:28 +0000 #2
weight gain and muscle powder powder is a thing

I would like to landlord is not to say that the muscle protein powder and protein powder with flour

is a large number of high-energy physical fitness

Da-bin Taobao s 1

There are many things about fitness can look to

US-Rex brand recommended Ouputemeng Great

So you

but the actual effects are almost

mainly in training



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