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Junior exercise method.

sdhuhuqiqi2010-04-05 12:11:01 +0000 #1
Send-off before the one posted. But not quite satisfied, I put a little more. . I Division 2, and found himself poor physical Intuit. In addition to all the other non-skipping a few, ah halo halo .. substandard sports, of course, means the power endurance No No No pull force, in what ways practice Mody, there are the muscles ..

I 165 weight 50KG. amount. boarding school so upside down at first could not. and what does not line up ahead of time ah. hostel like this do not open the door. but no time to allow me to practice running only the class. But there 5 to 6 playing habits. now lying in bed hard to do support .2 minutes a group of a group of 10 +3 Yang nest, but no effect but I only worked two days a sore muscle on the way .... any good Why? movement is not playing, such as I would like to put in the bath when the water (as are so provided with a bucket baths) can do if one day a few? `` Sierra taught me, the way how long the next probably have to practice ..
swordsman ∮ love the Philippines2010-04-05 12:17:33 +0000 #2


This is definitely a small movement to life movement.

As long as your school is not a cottage, there is no movement anywhere.

Also, do not have to worry about other people to see.

School, and people are gone.

You live on campus, a total of the number of people. Long ye think ye practice training.

Moreover, the time is also short.

You can hop a 10 minute time. I write the word service.

Later can load leapfrog.

Still can squat. Stay put, there was no space is limited.

Each squat 100. 3 groups each.

There are high leg lift.

50 times each. Each group 2.

Probably to much.

The other free to play.
8345476702010-04-05 12:26:25 +0000 #3
You can buy sandbags (tied to the kind of legs) to daily life, no more deliberate movement, so you get tired, they take off. A week later, you take physical education, very effective. (Must be off when tired, or muscle soreness is yes)



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