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Who can help me to develop a home exercise program? ? ! ! Urgent! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

¤ estranged ¤2010-04-05 19:10:20 +0000 #1
I am female, 14 years old, plans not to run yo! ! Needs specific to each activity time / frequency, Xiela faster yo
Ning Jing moments2010-04-05 19:21:35 +0000 #2
equipment: dumbbells or a small weight to get up


6:20-6: 40 wash brush your teeth to eat

6:40-6:50 7:30-7:45 6:50-7:30 Closed

leg pressing, the pain, hold the position for 5 seconds, after getting used to, longer hours and rate increase (* * Needless to say, physical education that's it. pulled ligament, can thin and taller)

7:45-7:55 holding small dumbbells, a general look at the situation first-hand 2 pounds, do chest movement, each 5 Next, rest 15 seconds to continue.

7:55-8:10 hands free swing, relax the muscles and ligaments

8:10-8:20 feet jump, leaping into the air in a rapid kick, each 10, the rest 30 seconds, contributing to bounce high and increasing All warm up the body force

8:20-8:30 completed, push-ups, each 5, the arm bent 90 degrees, resting from time to time, amount of exercise to see the body may be,

8:30-8:38 relaxed arm, boxing, that is, boxing, or push-ups to waste a

8:38-8:45 exhaled breath, adjust the vital capacity

movement can be recycled to practice, such as do not want the morning after the time of the free exercise completed arrangements

to 15:00, exercise as above, Campaign to end

16:15 pm do not exercise, a few legs up pressure
Next month the landscape is2010-04-05 19:23:14 +0000 #3
1. morning one hour basketball (Suns big. afraid of heat stroke. haha) be over soon to do push-ups. This effect will be very good. And then you feel tired, they can go home and rest. .

2. Eat after one hour without any movement within the 10 million 3. 15:00 or so. Hot bar. Cycling. This practice good legs. But do not exposure to 4. Night swim under 5. Night before bed. Do 60 push-ups (not one-off, several complete) 200 sit-ups (one about 50. Try to keep the rest between 50 seconds. But back to more than stop for a while)

a day in a planned, such as : 20 sit-ups every day, Group 3, separated a group of 1 minute; push-ups every 20 day, 3 groups, separated for a minute a group; dumbbell (a movement) under 20 per day 3 group, separated 1 minute a group. These figures can be determined according to their own circumstances, but each time the number and group number to be fixed, (such as: do group 3, when the last few tired sensation soon gave up, this will not work. This time to die, if true, could not have done the action specification.) and then increases. Time to practice what to do muscle, the attention to that piece of muscle contraction of the muscles feel. Persistence is essential, and I hope you can hold down.



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