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To the heart muscle contraction and eccentric contraction which good

mxp61312812010-04-05 19:10:26 +0000 #1
I would like to ask the next

1, respectively. Exercise the role of muscle contraction to heart and eccentric role.

2. Exercise concentric contraction and eccentric contraction and the red and white muscle of the relationship (I heard focused on the speed of red meat? White focused on the power) 3. I thin muscles, skeleton too small, would fit the kind of exercise?

5 minutes for each question
Department Store Building2010-04-05 19:26:28 +0000 #2
refers to the heart muscle contraction against resistance when the muscle fiber length becomes shorter,

eccentric contraction is when the muscles against the resistance of muscle fiber length longer.

This is the muscle contraction of two types, both red and white muscle contractile function has so.

In the fitness process for both on the same piece of muscle contraction is usually alternating form.

For example:

make a move for curved dumbbell biceps, hard, the biceps to the elbow flexion contraction of the heart, relax, biceps eccentric elbow extension.

Therefore, there is no such practical training in a different form under the contraction training method.

Do more aerobic exercise and endurance exercise increased the proportion and quality of muscle, more strength and explosive-type exercises to increase the proportion of white muscle and quality.
Dsm00022010-04-05 19:40:11 +0000 #3
You are Tingshui Shui of these words? If you go to the gym, said these words, you will be a joke

First of all, you die small frame, you should muscle, to seem more large number, more oxygen equipment ,10-15 a group of

deep squatting with a heavy bench press, the fastest way to increase body weight, the same group of 10-15

It should also be appropriate to enhance nutrition, vitamins, protein



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