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Mackerel how abdominal muscles like that book?

Remote Mu North2010-04-05 20:11:55 +0000 #1
To know what the high-greedy I thank you
8 small pot2010-04-05 20:18:34 +0000 #2

Cui Cheng Zuo, Department of Physical Education Korea National Sport University graduate, experienced eight years of professional fitness instructors. After MBC "Sunday night," the "car Katsumoto health club" and the SBS "Jinsheng Xian Zheng silver child's beautiful morning," the "fast out of obesity," the program as guests, and KBS 2TV's "Live the world's Morning" fitness program to open talks, shuttling between the three major TV stations. Now "FlTNESS fitness club" legal representative. Why do you have "mackerel coach," the nickname for it? For two reasons: first, because a friend of mine joked that my body up and cooking mackerel after the somewhat similar, "meat is not only delicate, yet strong and flexible; 2 because all the families have often blue and white fish is a fish to eat, it sounds very intimacy, many viewers also liked the name.

Editor's Choice

1, on the authority of:

well-known from Korea Fitness coach, for many well-known artists such as South Korea conducted a fitness guide.

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lose fat on the lower abdomen ... 138

Enhanced abdominal muscle strength ... 140

lose the excess fat on ribs ... 142

Do not miss sexy "Y" shape ... 144

lines of beautiful shape, strong and powerful chest to chest ... 147

more solid major muscle strong ... 148

to the top of the chest muscles in a more three-dimensional solid shape ... 150 ... 152

shaped chest muscles a clear dividing line between the central chest ... 154

to create a flexible and strong shoulders the arm to the shoulder muscles ... 157


even more visible ... to strengthen the shoulder muscles ... 160 ... 162 to create a charming back of shaping a flexible arm


build muscle ... biceps and triceps of the curve ... 166

strengthen triceps, to create a robust arms ... 168

sexy hips and strong thighs ... 171

to make the legs more muscular more clearly ... 172

surprises you hip results ... 174

thigh was the symbol of staying power ... 176

patient with small muscles, inverted triangle shape charming shape the fascinating back ... 179

The inverted triangle back, finishing the remaining part of ... 180 ... 182 and a small piece of muscle strengthening his lower back and waist power ... 184

Trainer's Tip

1. Cheng Tun-type form of the law focus on aerobic training. .. 38

2. on the muscle, "Truth and Lies" ... 60

3. mackerel unique fitness coach habit ... 96 4. understanding the protein supplements ... 126 5. to build cars Katsumoto build 186 special Cheats ...



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