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Composition of distance running in winter

Wei wei Angels2010-04-05 21:10:14 +0000 #1
be on the winter harvest, because it is winter vacation living writing ..
Amy Year2010-04-05 21:24:13 +0000 #2
school, and short but interesting life of the end of the winter break, students meet again for joy the. Everyone has a stomach anything to say, is to find the object of talk, just, there are open "a small tea party," everyone you speak, I chatted up the words to.

The first one to jump out of a good speech and Zhang Linjie, she gushed, said: "This year is not out Maiguai Uncle Zhao, but the Chinese New Year party which has a program I feel very good, that is, more than 20 deaf sister rehearsal out of 'Avalokitesvara', they are very hard. "Yes, ah, these deaf sister rehearsing very hard Yes, they are in a silent world, no music, they can cope with such a coordinated, real great.

A reference to the book, many people would clip was opened, and "fans" Li Yiqi stood up and said: "Ha ha, I winter of reading the book can be more, what" Tian Fang Night Lake> Yeah, <love of education > Yeah, <Les Miserables> so, Sima Qian <Historical Records> I have read, in short, I read the book many, many. "This sentence to those who want to go back up, they want to not dare. Soon, the atmosphere has come, we love war this time opening the first of Wang Jian, and said: "My father took me to the Fragrant Hills to play, there can be beautiful, white snow mountains and plains, as if into a fairyland." Boastful The Xiaotao to be outdone, said: "This is, how, and I went to Huangshan, Taishan, Hengshan and so does the saying, Sun Moon Lake, Jiuzhaigou ... ... Anyway, all sorts of places!" You listen, this is not obvious bragging it? There is a deliberate dig at his students: "Do you care Yeah, careful what you blow the cow falls from the sky, crushing us you have to pay for medical expenses." This sentence can be amused by us, Xiaotao too embarrassed smile. "Music forward," Yan-Mei Ding said: "This station broadcast a few days Hunan Dae Jang Geum theme song of hope nicely, and is the top five super girls singing!" Said, they began to sing this song, we are indifferent Only a few friends in the applause for her, Zhang Susu also sing along together. Chat here, silent long before I open, I said: "these days, I'm the mom wanted me to teach her computer, she has been indifferent to the computer, how a person like for like, the original is because the job , see the work should be computerized scholarship, indeed, wear the gun battle ah! "Some people envy said:" You touch a, we can take this opportunity to play on the computer of. "Others said:" You must be mother praised. "I said:" You just do wrong, and I taught her, she was saying that I am powerful, but I lost control of the computer to open the sovereign. "students around the half-comprehended nodded.

In this way, the students then rushes to chat up. The winter break students can be really rich life ah.

"Harvest" of winter

Chenxi County, Hunan Province, Xiao-Ping Huaihua Baiyun Zhang Yani

Three sixth grade school in the past few days, the students in discussion and exchange of winter life experience, there are bored, happy, sad and happy, comfortable ... ... many, many, count them, Road, Road also could not finish.

Winter vacation to talk about how I feel, that really enjoy the endless, endless aftertaste and learned a lot Yeah!

I learned to pack book case. Perhaps you may laugh at me, Oh, are so big, it was learned pack book case? Ha, either you go to laugh, because I have very optimistic. I Diema only child, usually always tend to baby me, protected me, usually is not that they helped me pack, is to buy ready-made, rarely do I hand in the family on this agreement. This time, Diema busy with work, I only try to remember father used to do at home, book case scenario, slowly exploring, pondering over his father guide, I finally yielded results, and saw that botch the image, I am pleased get a jump three feet high.

Saying goes: "If numerous tears and sweat overtaken is called success"! Winter vacation, I am particularly attention to mathematics, his father from the computer extract a number of questions to me, I do the one each, will be happy about. In particular, parents do not understand a little bit of "cattle graze", I actually have to do right. Of course, I not only careless, but also to the effect, sometimes not even remember the triangle area, not only that, because of carelessness, a lot is all wrong.

In the winter, I also learned to pull two songs, and father said I was stable than before, drawing a little bow, and pull up tone is also much more comfortable.

In the cold winter, I gain so much "fruit", I have been satisfied, no! Less! Perhaps more so I went to pick fruit.



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