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I am a student, usually less physical exercise, there is no good way to lose weight

Qi Ma Mei2010-04-06 12:10:27 +0000 #1
I am a college student is still in school there is no good way to lose weight then please bear teach
Cao Xiaoqing 72010-04-06 12:20:28 +0000 #2
Oh I am also a lazy one does not like sports

I have a little sister, when fat has been a sudden one day than I felt he was thinner than I

I was very surprised, she asked her ye lose weight and my confidence Oh was also She told me to eat fiber

said Qi healthy weight loss products lose weight because I always believe that my sister bought it also Taobao try

The results are very satisfactory to me and I lean down and you can you use Next
love___empress2010-04-06 12:41:06 +0000 #3
lose weight -? I think the best way is to apply for VIP members near the gym. their training

In fact, feel a little better fat. mainly the virtual flesh is true, is not strong strong.

I wanted to gain weight, body (fat) fruit, in fact quite good, eat more beef, -

in fact, do not care about other people how to say - - fat is not a defect, thinking his own fat become strong on the OK - and I wish you to find self-confidence -!!



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