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Calf pain

cong53268882010-04-06 12:11:27 +0000 #1
my leg is sore right foot has been 3 months, and occasionally lower back pain

What is the reason it will not be a ligament problem, I often run and leg pressing

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willy8210262010-04-06 12:13:52 +0000 #2
is not a frequent intercourse ah
Royal Church2010-04-06 12:27:36 +0000 #3
Hello: leg weakness and pain in Chinese medicine, qi more relevant, you can take the medicine qi. Local physical therapy can do, such as severe pain.

May also be weak calf, may be caused by lack of exercise, physical resistance to fall in the limbs and knees, is also possible that calcium deficiency

calf muscles often ache in the morning, and felt in the calf muscle weakness during the day. This may be insufficient blood supply to your legs and your long-term repetitive strain injury calf muscles.

Ancient often say: "old, old legs first; legs are not old, not old people." So, who's legs on the life of people how important it is.

In medicine, said: "The second legs are the heart of man." Why? Because people's legs exercise helps the heart blood circulation. If the heart's blood circulation normal, then the body's extremities Bai Hai (including legs), internal organs and brain will be the heart's blood supply, only the normal operation of the various organs and sound development.

How to improve the blood supply to your legs and inability to do enough?

The first day, students must be able to eat the blood of food, such as meat, fish and eggs and other foods, these foods are the source of the Blood, but more or less volume, vary. In Chinese medicine, the aerial in the blood, Lik Sang in the gas. In other words, full of blood, gas will be strong, strength will be great.

Second, soreness and weakness in the legs, the temporary do not use leg fatigue, it is best to do or rest less suitable. If not, will result in more leg weakness.

Hereby introduce a prescription for your reference, prescription as follows:

Lujiaojiao 12 Ephedra two four-money money

bidentata money cinnamon 2 (decoction)

This recipe can be strong bones kidney, nourishing blood, excited the effect of lower extremity tendons. If accompanied by tonic wine for a small cup, make drugs accessible body force, the weak are better efficacy.

I wish you a speedy recovery!



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