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Dragon constellation2010-04-06 13:10:10 +0000 #1
I signed up a gym, unfortunately that is where he started practicing at a loss. Please help me to simulate a fitness expert fitness program. Younger brother grateful!

I Height: 175 Weight: 75kg (more fertilizer)

Note : copy does not give points according to my physical condition custom!

By Zan is not much revenue it can not afford a personal trainer! !
evilchenl2010-04-06 13:15:45 +0000 #2
My situation is similar to you, you start practicing from the upper body, smooth lift, bench press, triceps brachii II and had to exercise, like weight-bearing exercises such election must be made up sense of weight, and a set of teeth to do 8 (if heavy endless 8, can be 6-7 months is also possible, but do not use the light to take 10 or even more than 10, so there is no effect) different action every day to do Group 4.

If you first entered the gym, the coach will arrange your training chest day, day of training back muscles and the muscles on the arms and legs, may have taken the trouble to do every day! 3 days before the first week sure hands are sore sore feet cerebral palsy - normal, habits, no major problems, and gradually give yourself the courage to increase the use of equipment, bar, fitness activities can end their own / find a place to jog + Run a few laps. OK to insist on more than 3 months, you will find that the effects are obvious.

PS: that my circumstances, height 178, weight 73-75KG at the hovering, I was the summer of 2008, when 3-month fitness training, then six months later ran the gym practiced a month, as usual love of sport (playing, swimming, running), my upper body muscles is very obvious, the only shortage is not out of six abdominal training.

Add: usually at home or take a bath before bed, do 30-40 push-ups on the arm and chest of the plastic also helped

Finally, I wish you success! Refueling
szl2036dtlg2010-04-06 13:34:58 +0000 #3
Are you sure you practice every day time?

First of all, if there is like the morning, too early, it will also not necessary since, up to 8 bar, eat breakfast rest 1 hour, 9 o'clock start, stretching muscles before training about 6 to 1 on your head squat group (warm-up of a group) 15, 1 minute rest between 6

2 push-ups group (warm-up of a group) what you up to 80% -90% frequency, rest one minute between 3 dumbbell at home you have ? Did not buy a pair of adjustable weight. Dumbbell biceps curl exercises, the five groups (warm-up of a group) 12, 1 minute rest between abdominal 4 Volume 6 groups of 15, do not warm up, because the body has been hot, and breaks 1 minute

the first such practice it, because you see little movement is normal, so not too much strength, practicing a month after it came to me, practicing two days rest day

I was training too, but I think also fit for you this is my way of making a very initial training, step by step. Insist

primary student training should be the spirit of work and rest to the main principles of basic training.

Strength training three times a week, after a four strength training aerobic training, the next practice.

First day of the program

chest: flat bench press 6 groups each of 8 - 10 times

push-ups 4 groups each of 10 - 20 times

parallel bars each arm flexion and extension 4 groups 8 - 10 times

Butterfly 4 groups each machine chest clip 8 - 10 times (as a secondary item)

Back: chin-up 4 groups each group 6 - 8 times

latissimus chest down 6 groups each group 10 - 12 th

abdomen: sit-ups four groups each of 20

supine leg raise four groups of 20 each day program

shoulder: 6 groups each held upright on 8 - 10 times

Sitting on the move 4-6 Dumbbell each group 8 - 10 times

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 groups each of 12-15 times

arm: straight barbell curl 4-6 10-12 times in each group

neck flexion and extension arm of each group, 4-6 group 10 - 12 times

legs: squat 6-8 8-12 times each group of 6 groups each

toes 12-15 times

third day of the program with the first day of the fourth day of the program with the next day

fifth day plan of aerobic training: running 20-30 minutes

stationary bike 10-30 minutes

diet: the morning I always eat 2 bowl add 2 eggs

noon to eat more vegetables and meat

Do not overeat at night (because exercise)

one hour before bed drink a glass of milk and a bread

8 hours a day to ensure sleep (sleep is Important Oh)



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